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“But how did this happen?” Sam asks. “Again!” The Wednesday article has failed to arrive, and Sam Clemens is not happy. “I blame Mrs. Knight,” he grumbled. “She didn’t send out a reminder. But still, people are usually excellent at remembering for themselves.”

“Look!” he declares, waving at the old editions of the Teatime Tattler scattered across his desk. “People love it. Have you seen the numbers of readers for these posts? We regularly have over a thousand views a month. And we have fans; people who say they read the Teatime Tattler twice a week, as soon as the edition comes out. We have bookings through to Christmas.”

“But,” he frowns sternly at the gathered staff members: printers, correspondents, ink boys, paper sellers, “we still have gaps. Get out there, and find us more authors who want to write for the Teatime Tattler. Great articles like the ones here.”

Read the high-performing articles below to find out what Sam loves to see in the Teatime Tattler, or sign up to write your own, and to advertise your book (new or one from your backlist).

The Mistress and the WifeThe Soldier’s Return, by Laura Libritz

A base-born son, a hasty marriageThe Bastard’s Iberian Bride, by Alina K. Field

Mrs Bingham tries againThe Rake and His Honour, by Beth Elliott

Be Careful What You Ask a Hero — Only a Hero Will Do, by Alanna Lucas

Duke in Disguise — To Dodge a Duke, by Naomi Bloom

Overheard at the Courtesan’s Ball — The Pleasure House Ball, by Suzi Love


Father of Cowboy in a Kilt Revealed to Be a Liar and a Cheat


A Kidnap Threat To The Ambassador to the Kingdom of Two Naples!


  1. I have a new Regency Historical coming out tomorrow 12th June, 2018 and I would love to spread the word.

    • Bluestocking Belles

      Hi, Cassandra. We’d love to have you. We’re pretty heavily booked for the main page at the moment, although we have a space tomorrow if you can do something quick! Or send a message to our Agony Aunt for a special edition! Our booking links are on the drop down from the Teatime Tattler link up above.

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