Sons of the Spy Lord Series

Marrying Mr. Gibson

Previously titled The Bastard’s Iberian Bride

Paulette Heardwyn rushes to visit her dying guardian, set on learning the truth about her father. But the only man with answers takes his secrets to the grave, leaving her penniless—unless she marries his illegitimate son.

The Viscount’s Seduction

Lady Sirena Hollister has lost everything, even her fey abilities. But when the fairies hand her a chance at a London Season, her schemes for revenge stir up an unknown enemy, and spark danger of a different sort, in the person of a handsome Viscount.

The Rogue’s Last Scandal

Falling—literally—into the arms of the ton’s most outrageous rogue seems a risky path of escape, but Maria Graciela Kingsley y Romero has no other choice. Only England’s greatest spy lord can help her, and he is not to be found—so his son will have to do!

The Counterfeit Lady

Vowing she’ll never submit to an arranged marriage, an earl’s daughter bolts for the seaside cottage that will someday be hers. But she finds her quiet refuge occupied by the last man she ever wants to see—an American artist, who’s also a thief. And, quite possibly one of her father’s spies.

Avenging the Earl’s Lady

The long war is over, but honor requires vanquishing one last enemy, and the Earl of Shaldon has no time for romance. But when the lady he longs for interferes in his plot, and his enemy strikes at her, nothing else matters but avenging his lady.

Novellas and Holiday Stories

The Marquess and the Midwife

A Christmas Novella
Finalist, 2016 National Reader’s Choice Award

Uncovering a lie drives a new marquess back from a self-imposed exile at Christmas to find the only woman he’s ever loved. Finding her turns out to be easy, uncovering her stunning secrets, a bit harder. But winning her back will be the greatest challenge of all.

A Leap Into Love

A  Sweet Regence Romance Novella, a sequel to 

The Marquess and the Midwife

 Can a gentleman be too charming? 

The ladies of Upper Upton think so.

When the single ladies of the village conspire to teach their charmer a lesson that might bankrupt him, the town’s loveliest young widow—who’s sworn off marriage forever—steps up to warn him.


Liliana’s Letter

Finalist, 2015 National Reader’s Choice Award

The Matchmaker Meets the Matchbreaker

Liliana Ashford’s future as a professional chaperone depends on her wealthy charge’s successful marriage, but her own close encounter with a scoundrel years ago makes her determined to save the girl from the same kind of rogue.

The Ghost of Depford Hall

A short, sweet Halloween story, a sequel to
Liliana’s Letter

 It’s her mother’s last All Hallows’ Eve.
When family, friends, and tenants gather, goblins, ghouls, and ghosts are banned from this All Hallows’ Eve party.
Only, no one told the Ghost of Depford Hall!

Courted by the Earl

Previously titled Bella’s Band

A 2015 RONE Award Finalist

Saddled with his brother’s title and debts, nothing about this new life makes the Earl of Hackwell want to stay—until he meets a lady with a secret that can change everything.

Rosalyn’s Ring

2014 Book Buyer’s Best Winner, Novella Category

Done with grieving her losses, a late nobleman’s daughter has fallen into a tidy spinster’s life in London. But when one snowy Christmas Eve, a young woman needs rescue, she seizes the chance to do good—and to recover a family heirloom that ought to be hers.

Haunting Miss Fenwick

 Thrilled to finally have a permanent home, a Squire’s daughter won’t let a supernatural creature scare her away. While hunting the ghost she doesn’t believe in, she stumbles upon a mysterious flesh and blood man who might be the key to all of her problems.

Lady Twisden’s Picture Perfect Match

In Desperate Daughters, a Bluestocking Belles Collection with Friends

Promised York’s marriage mart and the hospitality of his cousin’s doddering stepmother, Major August Kellborn is shocked to find that his fetching hostess is the one woman who stirs his heart.

The Upstart Christmas Brides Series

The Duke She Despised

Hiding her true identity, a young vicar’s widow takes a position as housekeeper in a remote Scottish castle at Christmas for a new duke who years ago sabotaged her chance for happiness. She quickly falls for the duke’s charming but not very competent factor, not knowing that he’s hiding something also—he’s the duke she despised!

Convincing the Countess 

A penniless widowed countess with trade in her blood descends upon the country manor of her sons’ negligent guardian, intent on confronting him about her boys’ futures. Instead, she finds his younger brother, a business-minded aristocrat with a penchant for widows and a distaste for emotional entanglements. A man who once witnessed her greatest humiliation. A man offering enticing distractions that threaten to derail all her plans.

The Impetuous Heiress

Before dashing Lord Loughton can make amends with his neglected fiancée, the lady’s meddling cousin delivers her to his doorstep. He soon realizes more is amiss than his carelessness. Can he uncover her secrets and win her back before he loses her altogether?


The Macbeth Series 

Fated Hearts

A Love After All Retelling of the Scottish Play

A Scottish Baron returning from two decades at war meets the wife he divorced and the daughter he disavowed before she was born, only to learn that everything he’d believed was a lie. Determined to win back the only woman he’s ever loved he must first face the viper who drove them apart.

The Comtesse of Midnight

A Scottish Earl on a quest for the elusive Comtesse de Fontenay, rescues a French lady smuggler during a devastating storm, taking shelter with her. As the stormy night drags on, he suspects she knows the lady he’s seeking, the lady who holds the secret to his identity.  

Claims of the Heart

Since a perilous fall, Lucie Macbeth has been seeing more than a settled future as the heiress to a Scottish barony. The visions plaguing her include a man—one far above her class and breeding, and English to boot. He’s engaged to a duke’s granddaughter as well, and thus wholly inappropriate. Though she can’t marry him, and she won’t become any man’s leman, when the Sight warns her of danger to him, her conscience, and her heart tell her she can’t walk away.