While we’re all busy with our own books, we also work together on a variety of projects to help us meet our goals.

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We also publish at least one box set a year. 2023’s Bluestocking Belles with Friends collection, Under the Harvest Moon, is published in October 2023, and is on preorder from 17th June.

We did two collections for 2022. The first repeated our successful venture to invite other authors to join us, which we did for the first time in 2021. Our 2022 Bluestocking Belles with Friends collection was Desperate Daughters, out on 17 May 2022. We also published a Bluestocking Belles only collection, Belles & Beaux, in December 2022.

Our first Bluestocking Belles with Friends collection was Storm & Shelter. We were delighted with the sales, the reviews and the awards. Among others, it was judged best anthology of 2021 in the RONE Awards.

In February 2020, we published, Fire & Frost, and late in 2020, we repackaged four novellas and two short stories from the 2015 Bluestocking Belles collection, which is out of publication, and released Holiday Escapes as our Christmas 2020 box set.

In 2019 we added Valentines from Bath to our list of box sets, departing from the Christmas collection idea. 

The set for 2018 wass Follow Your Star Home.  For 2017 it was Never Too Late, and for 2016, Holly & Hopeful Hearts

All of these are available at most digital retailers, and most are also in print.

Some of the proceeds from all our joint activities go to support the Malala Fund. Click the link for details.