Because history is fun and love is worth working for

The 1814 Frost Faire

Due to thinning of the Ice officials regretfully declare the 1814 Frost Faire closed.

Watermen will cease to collect entrance fees immediately

Prizes to be awarded at every booth!

Proprietors to make announcements over the next few days.

Grand Prize winner announced!

Cheri, having completed the circuit of five booths and further having returned here to describe her travels in the comments has been chosen in a fair and random manner to receive a voucher worth FIFTY AMERICAN DOLLARS for the well-known purveyor of general goods and all things literary: AMAZON

The Booths described below.

Tea Shoppe on the Ice

A Discreet and Pleasant Refuge for Ladies of Distinction

Anna’s Hot Roasted Chestnuts

Hot and sizzling! Best on the ice. Only 10 pence

Wilfred Bagshott Portraits on Demand

Sketches personal and charming! Prints and souvenirs!

The Book Palace on Ice

Tomes for Imaginative and Curious Minds.

That Mystical Oracle Amy Quinton

Occultist & Psychic Advisor to the Elite with Direct Link to the Spiritual Plane.

Thus completes our circuit. If you wish to spend more time at the 1814 Frost Faire, follow these links—er paths—to carry on:

Obtain your copy of Frostiana: or a History of the Thames in A Frozen State. Printed and Published on the ice February 5, 1814 by G. Davis

Step on the Ice with Dr. Who

See an elephant upon the ice

Take a Tour


  1. Bluestocking Belles

    Leave a comment here, folks!

    • Jennifer Schantz

      I love the extras, especially the Dr. Who one. Did you know the 1st, 10th, 11th, and 12th Doctors were at the Frost Fair? And the 12th Doctor was there twice! Amazing they didn’t run into each other!

      • Bluestocking Belles

        I know! That’s such a cool little bit of Who trivia, isn’t it? On our Facebook hop page, there’s a link to a deleted scene, where the Doctor tells Bill about taking his wife to the Frost Fair for her birthday, to hear Stevie Wonder play.

    • Linda Shiamone

      I loved the stories. I loved the tale of Dr. Who

    • I enjoyed the story about a maid making money at the fair selling tea and keeping secrets. I would enjoy Hot chocolate and a few pastries at the Frost Fair

  2. I adore the introductions to each authors stories on each blog post. I look forward to reading each story. The Frost Fair would have been a wonderful event to experience.

  3. Belinda Clemons

    i learned that what i read made me want more. i love the thought of the portrait booth and the Tea booth where you could go to warm up with a cup of tea. i love all the shorts and meeting the characters i cant wait to read this book tomorrow

  4. Belinda Clemons

    just curious will The Marquess of Glenaire have a book i am curious about him

    • Bluestocking Belles

      He is the hero of Caroline Warfield’s Dangerous Weakness. Carol said her aim was to see him in rags, brought to his knees.

  5. Alicia Haney

    Sounds like a lot of fun and what a generous give away! Thank you for the chance.

  6. Judy Reed

    Wonderful stories. Thank you for your hard work. ❤️

    • Bluestocking Belles

      Our pleasure!

    • Janet Goodard

      Does not look like my fire comment posted. Sorry if I duplicate. I loved this book. This contest was great, so original! I do hope these stories will be expanded and find their way into another anthology.

  7. Alicia Haney

    This is so much fun! Thank you for making it such fun! I loved reading the excerpts to all the books.

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit with us!

  9. Laura

    Thank you for a wonderful time and some very intriguing posts.
    I hope Mama elephant was able to come help her baby to safety.

  10. Catherine Maguire

    Thank you for the lovely Frost Faire Hop. Each booth/faire stop is lovely.

  11. Carole Burant

    That was absolutely so much fun and I could just picture the stalls and everything happening at the Frost Faire!! All of the stories were terrific and have really whetted my appetite to read more. Thank you so much for such a fun Hop!!

  12. Mary McCoy

    Thank you for a wondrous Frost Fair, and I loved the extra links! I got to peruse books, have some hot tea and roast chestnuts, have my portrait drawn and even consult with Amy regarding what the cards held for me. I look forward to reading Fire and Frost!

  13. Lori Dykes

    This was so much fun and makes me want to read more about the Frost Faire! Of course loved all the stores! Really enjoyed the Dr Who clip! It makes it even more real!! The Belles are the Best!! Thank you for the Hop and chance❤️❤️

  14. Janet Barrett

    5 lovely stories. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the booths. I also loved the Dr Who clip

  15. Rachael Clemons

    Thank you. The stories were amazing. I loved visiting the booths and getting my portrait done, drinking hot chocolate, and looking at books

    • Bluestocking Belles

      We’re delighted you could join us. We hope you took a moment to ride on one of the swings and see the elephant.

  16. Janet Goodard

    I really loved this book. I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC and have given it high marks whenever I left reviews. This was a great contest, very original. I hope these stories will be expanded and find their way into another anthology.

  17. Susan Waagner

    I am so glad I preordered this book. I really enjoyed reading each extra story and I can’t wait to finish my library books that are due soon so I can read this one. You are all very generous to have this giveaway. Thank you for the book and the chance to win.

    • Bluestocking Belles

      You are most welcome. We just know you’re going to love it.

    • Linda Shiamone

      I enjoyed visiting all the 5 booths. There was so much interesting stories for each story clip.

      • Bluestocking Belles

        Be sure to leave comments on each of the five in order to be entered!

    • Bluestocking Belles

      Thank you, Susan. I hope you enjoy the book.

  18. (Mr.) Gayle Lee Fairless

    I bought a book or two from Jude Knight. I look forward to reading them. I shall have to make another pass. Oh well, if I can find a quiet nook, it is almost possible to open a portal into another world! I appreciate those authors who create such vivid dimensions and worlds!

    • Bluestocking Belles

      We do our best. It is good to hear you enjoy our stories.

    • Bluestocking Belles

      Thank you, Gayle. May you step into the worlds we create and live there for a while, bringing some of the flavour and the aroma back with you.

  19. Kathleen Cohen

    How exciting the Frost Fair must have been–thanks for these story excerpts.

    • Bluestocking Belles

      Our pleasure, Kathleen. The booth stories in the hop were written just for the hop, but we hope they give you a hint of what to expect from our stories.

    • Linda Shiamone

      I would have loved to attend the Frost-Faire. I loved the intrigue of each passage.


    Thank you so much for this wonderful Frost Faire Hop loved reading all the wonderful post and drinking my Hot Chocolate You all are amazing!

  21. Michaela

    I loved all of these short stories! A couple of them I really hope to see made into their own books.

    • Bluestocking Belles

      They were fun to write, Michaela. And who knows? Maybe they’ll grow!

  22. Cheri

    I dont think my comment posted earlier either, hm… Sorry if shows up twice too.
    I enjoyed reading the excerpts and I am going to purchase book after supper
    Thank you for the fun.

  23. Nancy Shaw

    The short stories were wonderful and I can’t wait to be able to read the entire collection. The idea of the Frost Fair as a way to write a collection is fantastic, Tea, hot chestnuts and then my picture drawn and then a BOOK Shop-pure heaven! Congratulations!

  24. Vicki Wurgler

    this was a fun hop-now next Christmas I’ll have to try roasted chestnuts!

    • Bluestocking Belles

      I have been meaning to plant a chestnut tree! I’ve tried package roasted chestnuts, but I’ve never roasted them myself.

  25. Irene Gray

    What a delightful collection of stories. I did love the extras especially the Doctor Who piece about the Frost Faire when he’d visited twice!! The stalls offering an enitre range of goodies from hot tea & chestnuts to a Book Shop, I would have indulged in all of this spending many of the pennies I had in my reticule.

    • Bluestocking Belles

      Yes, I think I would have come home penniless, too. One hopes they sent the carriage for you, Irene.

  26. Merrie

    This has been such fun! I really can’t wait to get started reading this much-anticipated collection of wonderful stories!

  27. Mary O-K

    I have greatly enjoyed each of these vignettes as well as the entire blog hop. What a fun idea! I also wanted to mention how beautiful the book’s cover is. That gown is absolutely spectacular!

    • Bluestocking Belles

      Thank you so much. Sherry found the image, and Jude made the cover. We love it, too.

  28. Heather S Hill

    This was such a fun frost faire! Very interesting history and lots of fun to imagine!

  29. Kimberly

    I loved everything about this collection of stories. Loved the extras, especially Doctor Who !!😊

    • Bluestocking Belles

      He was a great find! I loved that episode, too, but I didn’t know till we did the research that he was there at the Frost Fair several times!

  30. Carol Luciano

    I’ve enjoyed my visit to the Frost Faire and meeting all the characters. That precious baby elephant had a lot of determination for sure. I can’t wait to read all the wonderful stories. Thank you all for the opportunity.

  31. Julie Fetter

    I love spending time in your shared worlds. These tidbits which peek into the lives of the lower classes may be short, but they add so much depth to the world building. Thanks for another great collection.

  32. Sabrena

    Thank you for the wonderful frost fair journey. All of the stories sounded amazing.

  33. Robin in NC

    This stroll through the 1814 Frost Faire was a great time, well spent! Thank you!

  34. Patti Wissore

    One of the more fun Hop’s I’ve done where I learned much. I still do want to know how they had fire’s on the ice without it falling through!

  35. I would have loved to go the Frost Faire! It sounds like such an exciting event to drive away the dull feelings we often experience in winter. It would be great to see all the Lords and Ladies, and high class people there too.

    • Bluestocking Belles

      I suspect that in 1814 it was a long, VERY dull winter, and they were desperate.

  36. Tonia Rodriguez

    Im hoping all of these shorts are made into their own actual stories. Each one was entertaining and pulls you in. The extras were just as good too. Oh I absolutely love how you all did this.

    • Bluestocking Belles

      Tonia, we wrote the shorts just for this hop. Some of us gave another perspective on our Frost Fair story. Others came up with characters that probably deserve their own space on the page. Maddie, for one, at the Tea Shoppe. We’ll have to see.

  37. Maria Proctor

    I’ve visited all the booths! What an amazing journey!

  38. I greatly enjoyed each of the stops. Thanks to the authors for sharing! i’m looking forward to the book. Thanks for the chance!

  39. Jeray Bunnell

    Great idea for a compilation of stories. The Frost-Faire sounds like great fun. I can’t wait to read all the stories and the sequels.

  40. denise

    Visited all and had a grand time in the stalls, on ice, and learning about all the characters–their stories.


  41. Charlotte Litton

    The fair was fun and very interesting, loved learning about the different shops. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway.

  42. Molly R. Moody

    I just started the Frost Fair yesterday and am on the second story.

  43. Judy Johnsen

    I loved being able to catch up with various characters. Thoroughly enjoyed the short short stories from each of the authors. So glad I got back in internet range in time to join your hop and post my Amazon review.

  44. Lori Lewis

    I loved all the stories and look forward to reading the whole set. I love the idea of a frost fire, but can’t imagine one in the world today. Unfortunately global warming makes that a risk I would be afraid to take.

  45. Thank you for the interesting Frost Faire Hop. I’ve learned a lot! For example, I didn’t know the evolution of the Waltz, all the way back Regency times, then on to Victorian times, to the Modern Waltz that we know how. What a lovely and Romantic dance.

  46. Laci

    I love the imagery. If not for my clumsiness and hatred of wearing layers of clothing, I wouldn’t mind living in that era.

    • Bluestocking Belles

      The undergarments weren’t quite as bad then as before and after. Soft jumps rather than rigid corsets. And no underwires!

  47. Suzannah Clark

    I loved the stories. Such a great creative way to set these stories amidst the Frost fair.

  48. Laci

    I loved it all. I did comment on each but a couple might have logged me in weird.

    • Bluestocking Belles

      Sometimes, if we’re away from our desks, it can take a while to get your comment approved, but they should all come through, Laci

  49. I am enjoying these stories. It’s good to know the Marble Marquess has a heart under that cold exterior. This character Lord Ethan sounds interesting too.

  50. Venette Schafer

    Wonderful stories! All of them!
    Thank you for a chance to win!

  51. I loved the Dr. Who video clip. I didn’t know Dr. Who had visited the Frost Fair. I also like the idea that there could be a bookstall or bookstore on the ice. That’s cool!

  52. Jodi Hunter

    I love exploring the pages.

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