High Stakes, in Chess–and Love!

Ladies and Gentlemen, gather your teacups and prepare your fans for fluttering, for today’s tittle-tattle traverses the tantalizing tale of Baron Gregory Stone, known in the shadows of London’s candlelit corridors as the Black Knight. Not for his sable attire nor for his darkly handsome visage, but for his prowess on the chessboard, where he reigns supreme. Yet, it appears our Baron has found himself in a game far more perilous than chess—a game of the heart.

Miss Hermione “Hermy” Ellsworth, a gem of the countryside, once radiant in the glow of London’s ballrooms, has found herself in a predicament most dire. Exiled due to a scandal that whispers cannot name, she seeks independence from the shackles of an arranged marriage, dictated by her late brother’s will. Her guardian, none other than our Black Knight himself, holds the key to her future. But dear readers, it is not only her freedom at stake but also her heart—for it once beat fervently for the Baron.

Baron Stone, amidst the intrigue of Parliament and the cutthroat tactics of chess, now faces his greatest challenge. With but two weeks to alter the course of Miss Ellsworth’s fate, he is drawn into a web of societal pressures and villainous schemes. A correspondence chess game, shadowy in its intent, becomes the battleground for her independence, his career, and the well-being of their mutual friends, the Pearlers.

The stakes? Nothing less than the Baron’s lost love and the very fabric of society itself.

Will our dashing Black Knight outmaneuver his adversaries both on the board and in the ballrooms? Can love indeed trump the rigid dictates of Regency London? This tale weaves through the heart of a battle for love and liberty, promising intrigue at every turn.

“Baron in Check” promises a tour de force of romantic adventures, with suitors bold and socialites cunning. Our characters dance through the glittering backdrop of Regency London, each move calculated, each glance significant. And amidst the sparkling wit and whispered secrets, one question remains—will the Black Knight capture his queen, or will the game of love prove too treacherous?

Dear readers, keep your eyes peeled and your ears open, for in this season of romance and strategy, every move counts. And remember, in the game of love and chess, it’s the heart that’s the true prize.

With all the affection—and a sprinkle of mischief—I remain,

Your devoted chronicler of hearts and secrets as I will make an impression in this story myself,

Baroness Sophia von List



 Baron in Check  is the first book in the Check Mates series. It has been a #1 bestseller in several categories on Amazon and has received outstanding feedback from readers. The story brings Gregory Stone back who’s proven himself as a devoted friend in the Infiltrating the Ton and Diamond Dynasty series. Get 50% off the book bundle and save on the Check Mate series at www.SaraAdrien.com.

About the Author

Bestselling author Sara Adrien writes hot, heart-melting regency romance with a Jewish twist. As a law professor-turned-author, she writes about clandestine identities, whims of fate, and sizzling seduction. If you like unique and intelligent characters, deliciously sexy scenes, and the nostalgia of afternoon tea, then you’ll adore Sara Adrien’s tender tear-jerkers. She is the author of the series Infiltrating the Ton, Diamond Dynasty, Check Mates, and Miracles on Harley Street.

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