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Protect This Unfortunate Woman From Folly!

Loyal Readers,

Our attention has been riveted by a most unfortunate bit of news from America, which as you know is mired in that horrid Civil War.  We have it on good authority that a certain young woman (EW) will be hosting a large number of the Union army on her (SM) property.  Should we expect a white flag to hang from her front gate soon?

How has this come to be? Could it have something to do with the afternoon she spent entertaining a certain handsome (according to sources) Colonel?  She was spotted by several of the townsfolk just a day or so ago talking to the very same man in front of The Griddle, as he helped her from her buggy. Was the interlude planned?  One wonders. If EW had not planned to meet him, would she not have ridden into town with one of the people? Alone, she thought she was able to move about unobserved.

So, why is all of this history important?  Well, we are familiar with the independent streak the young woman possesses, as well as her prowess with a gun, having been schooled by her very own brother, a high-ranking officer for the Confederacy.  In fact, many of our young sons joked about her ability to pick off a rabbit quicker than most—just before they signed up to fight for the Cause.

But according to sources, who we always protect as part of our neighborly pledge, she almost killed the Colonel when he visited her recently.  As proof of that, The Mercantile affirmed the purchase of large quantities of new plaster and wood to be delivered to SM, her property.

This same colonel and his equally intriguing lieutenant were spotted paying a visit to her yesterday. This was after large amounts of horse feed, tents, and related gear was loaded up in wagons with orders to deliver to SM. According to facts as were related to us, our sharpshooting young miss nearly killed the Colonel with her Papa’s shotgun. Of course, it was a mistake, but it is curious that she would be so distracted as to misfire—something that her reputation would tell us never happens!

Folks of New Bern, we bear a responsibility to guide our young people. We need to turn those who stray from the right path back onto the road.  Our concern is that there is a young child of five whose sensibilities could be compromised by the activity that his sister (and guardian) is planning. We all know she is without her Mama and her Papa, who recently left to find her brother, all while still grieving the loss of his wife. So, it is with concern and a heavy heart that we call upon all the decent folk to help intervene. If not for the salvation of this young woman’s soul, please do it for the sake of our beloved sister—SM’s dear departed Mama—and see that she is righted on the virtuous path.  Unannounced visits would be a good thing to do.

Stay tuned. This story will undoubtedly continue and must be told!

Civil WarAbout the Book, Embers of Anger

Ella Grace Whitford was Southern charm at its finest until the war hit. Her hometown felt sure their Southern boys would protect them, but they were wrong. Suddenly, she is on her own, with limited resources and the care of her little brother and his new puppy. Nothing was as she had known it, and everything she believed in was about to be challenged.

Colonel Jackson Ross was given the responsibility for law, order, and stability after the town of New Bern, NC fell to the Union forces. His rugged good looks, charm, and military bearing are difficult enough to ignore.

But when this charismatic commander of Burnside’s third brigade finds out that Ms. Whitford is living with little protection on a large plantation adjacent to the town, he knows he must come up with a solution to protect her. As dangerous secrets emerge, he must choose between protecting her or remaining loyal to the Union. Will his decision bring them both ruin– and possible death?

Click here to read for free (Kindle Unlimited)!  https://www.bit.ly/2Gj4smASCEmbers

About the Author

Anna St. Claire is an avid reader, and now author, of both American and British historical romance.  She and her husband live in Charlotte, North Carolina, where their once empty nest has filled with her cat, two dogs, and her two granddaughters.

Anna relocated from New York to the Carolinas as a child.  Her mother, a retired English and History teacher, always encouraged Anna’s interest in writing, after discovering short stories she would write in her spare time.

Her fascination with history and reading led her to her first historical romance—Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind.  The day she discovered Kathleen Woodiwiss,’ books, Shanna and Ashes In The Wind, Anna was hooked.  She read every historical romance that came her way. Today, her focus is primarily on the Civil War and Regency eras, although Anna enjoys almost any period in American and British history.

She would love to connect with any of her readers at annastclaireauthor@gmail.com

Bad ton, leaving corpses in the road

Jake looked up from the Society pages of the paper he had been painstakingly reading, his lips moving as he negotiated his way through the type. “Their Graces the Duke and Duchess Leaver are attending a Masquerade Ball,” he announced.

From his position at the kitchen table, where he was cleaning and reloading a fearsome array of pistols, Jonah gave a snort of derision. “What’s that to you and me? Think we’ll get an invitation?”

“Lots of rich people at a Masquerade Ball,” Jake said. “Arriving in carriages, jewelry and everything.”

For a moment, Jonah looked intrigued, then he shook his head. “Nope. Not worth it. Robbing anyone under the protection of Duke Leaver? And now I’ve heard Her Grace has learned how to shoot too!”

A writer’s life

           “Children, sit down for dinner. No, your mother won’t be joining us tonight. Why? She’s off on another one of her little adventures. Yes, she still loves you and will, no doubt, see you later for bed time stories.”

“It is lucky she is in her office. I believe you are correct. Some people leave on a trip in their cars. Your mother stays home and pretends to be working. She’ll join us directly.”

“Lady Jane’s Tryst” grew out of my desire to investigate the seaside town of Brighton in the United Kingdom. In the story, “Lady Jane’s Tryst,” our heroine has been confined to a boarding school for girls for five long years. Her nocturnal explorations of the small town of Brighton reached a climax when she encountered an intriguing  pirate, a spy, ultimately a duke. Her spirit meshed with that of the handsome young man who worked behind the scenes for his government. Their exciting adventures led them to an ultimate happily-ever-after ending. And beyond…and then…

            “You jist keep your clapper shut! Pay attention to the little master!”

Sobbing—“Master shot him dead! Is he jist to stay there in the middle of the road?”

“Master shoot you iffin you keep up that caterwauling. What do he care about a man bent on shooting us all dead. Crows gots to eat somme’in.”

“John? Are we to leave his body in the middle of the road? What will folks say?” “Bad ton, my love?  I’d shoot him all over again if I could. Threatening my family like that.”

In the sequel, “Valentine Masquerade,” Lady Jane and the duke have a family. Fast forward eight years. Is marriage dull, mundane, or stupefying? Curiosity compels a peek into the lives of the popular couple and their young married friends as they prepare for a Valentine Masquerade Ball. We follow the Duchess as she visits her friends, encountering first one domestic situation and then another. Slowly the power of her position dawns on her. She is the wife of a Duke; people listen when she speaks and sticky problems are solved. A loving, albeit arrogant, husband and a scamp of a son lend more than enough excitement to Jane’s life, but an old enemy causes consternation. The Duke and Duchess Leaver are up for it, and demonstrate complete accord. Jane has learned to shoot a gun. Enemies beware!

Valentine Masquerade

“You have bewitched me body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you.”

————-Pride and Prejudice

Romance shimmers with suspicious matchmaking in progress, while a whimsical young viscount creates a hilarious solution to end a perplexing mystery. Into the blissful partnership between Lady Jane and her faux pirate, the Duke of Leaver, an old enemy reappears causing consternation.

A Valentine Masquerade

Two of Ms. Lane’s most interesting characters return in a vignette of mature family romance and affection as Lady Jane discovers the authority of the title, Duchess of Leaver.

A Valentine Surprise

A Valentine house party on a country estate creates entertainment for the entire family while cupid works his magic. Romance simmers between the eldest daughter and her handsome suitor.

Buy Links

Lady Jane’s Tryst

Valentine Masquerade

Meet Emma Lane

Emma Lane is a gifted author who writes under several pen-names. She lives with her patient husband on several acres outside a typical American village in Western New York. Her day job is working with flowers at her son’s plant nursery.




Click here for a previous Teatime Tattler post on Lady Jane’s Tryst.

Mr. Clemens will be pleased!

Lady Abigail Danvers tapped her sister’s arm with her fan before discreetely nodding toward the study door. This house party just got interesting.

Lady Prudence leaned forward. “Is that—”

The Ainslie Sisters by Thomas Stewardson 1808

“Yes,” Abigail replied. Snapping open her fan, she began waving it in front of her suddenly flushed face. Oh the implication of this tryst was too shocking for words.

“But did I not just see the Duke of Hartford—”

“Yes… he is in there as well,” Abigail said.

Prudence giggled. “Is it possible he is having an affair with his ex-mistress right in front of his new fiancé’s nose?”

Abigail shrugged but her eyes sparked at the thought. “I wonder what Mr. Clemens at the Teatime Tattler would pay for firsthand knowledge of this story?”

Laughter rumbled out of Prudence causing several heads to turn in their direction before she recovered herself. “Why Abigail Danvers, you sly thing you. Usually I am the one who comes up with these little schemes.”

Abigail peeked at her sister before a giggled escaped her. “You must be a bad influence on me,” she playfully scolded.

There was no further time for words between them because they were witnessing what was sure to make the front page of the paper. Prudence gasped, which surely must have been a first for her. Nothing ever seemed to shock her sister.

Abigail tugged on Prudence’s sleeve. “We best get home and write this up so we can deliver it to Mr. Clemens first thing in the morning. We do not wish someone to report such a juicy bit of gossip before us.”

This little piece of tittle-tattle comes to you from Bluestocking Belle Sherry Ewing, with her compliments. The Duke of Hartford’s story will be coming soon in One Moment In Time: A Family of Worth, Book Two. In the meantime, read about him as a secondary character in Nothing But Time: A Family of Worth, Book One. You can learn more about Sherry on the tab above or at the social media links listed below.


Nothing But Time:
A Family of Worth, Book One

They will risk everything for their forbidden love…

When Lady Gwendolyn Marie Worthington is forced to marry a man old enough to be her father, she concludes love will never enter her life. Her husband is a cruel man who blames her for his own failings. Then she meets her brother’s attractive business associate, and all those longings she had thought gone forever suddenly reappear.

A long-term romance holds no appeal for Neville Quinn, Earl of Drayton until an unexpected encounter with the sister of the Duke of Hartford. Still, he resists giving his heart to another woman, especially one who belongs to another man.

Chance encounters lead to intimate dinners, until Neville and Gwendolyn flee to Berwyck Castle at Scotland’s border hoping beyond reason their fragile love will survive the vindictive reach of Gwendolyn’s possessive husband. Before their journey is over, Gwendolyn will risk losing the only love she has ever known.

Buy Links:

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Find Sherry Ewing at:
Website & Books: www.SherryEwing.com
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Dear Readers,

The Tattler has learned that Lady Farrow, the esteemed wife of the Duke of Farrow and mother of dear Isabelle Carlton, the Incomparable herself, is hatching quite the plan!

It is said that Lady Farrow has engaged the help of her friend Lady Balton, to host a house party, in the midst of the Season no less, in order to secure a noble husband for Lady Isabelle.

As all of our readers know, Isabelle Carlton needs no help in attracting suitors. But poor Lady Farrow is said to be at her wits’ end, for her daughter remains stubbornly single!

Lady Balton is indeed a good friend to offer help in this scheme. Though one has to wonder what her brooding, studious, and dare we say; rather bookish son, Mathew, the Duke of Balton will think of playing host to Lady Isabelle’s many beaux?

We cannot help but feel that these two Society matriarchs have their work cut out for them. For Lady Isabelle has never shown the slightest interest in marrying one of her many admirers, and her childhood friend the Duke of Balton has never shown the slightest interest in anything outside of his books!

We at the Tattler are most intrigued and simply cannot wait to see if Lady Farrow will return for

end of the Season, triumphant in getting her beautiful, wilful daughter engaged.

That is, of course, if the Duke of Balton manages not to throw everyone out before then!

We will be sure to bring you news of this scheme from our many reliable sources, as soon as we have it.

The Beauty and the Duke

Isabelle Carlton has loved the boy next door for as long as she can remember.
Now they’re both grown up, their lives could not be more different; Mathew is a studious, serious duke, and Isabelle a social butterfly and the darling of the ton.

But Isabelle still wants Mathew, and she has no intention of letting him go. So all she has to do is make him fall desperately in love with her. And who better to help than the man himself?

Mathew Rourke hates everything about the shallow world of the ton, and the people who play its foolish game. And none of them play it more than Isabelle Carlton.

When Isabelle enlists Mathew’s help to catch herself a husband, he reluctantly agrees. After all, when has he ever been able to tell her no?

But helping Isabelle is getting increasingly more difficult. For one thing, he can’t help but wonder why she needs any help. And for another, he can’t seem to want to let her go.

Do opposites really attract? And can this beauty catch the duke next door?

AMAZON US https://amzn.to/2JvtO34

AMAZON UK https://amzn.to/2JNKWol

BARNES & NOBLE https://bit.ly/2l4Puso

AMAZON US https://amzn.to/2JvtO34

AMAZON UK https://amzn.to/2JNKWol

BARNES & NOBLE https://bit.ly/2l4Puso

SMASHWORDS: https://bit.ly/2yaaEys

Meet Nadine Millard

Nadine Millard is a bestselling writer hailing from Dublin, Ireland.

When she’s not writing historical romance, she’s managing her chaotic household of three children, a husband and a very spoiled dog!

She’s a big fan of coffee and wine with a good book and will often be found at her laptop at 2am when a book idea strikes.




BlueStocking Belles Accused of Salacious Seduction

Dear Mr. Clemens,*

I wish to warn you and your readers that those shameless hussies known as The Bluestocking Belles are at it again. Once more they plan to produce a connected set of scandalous stories which include salacious scenes of seduction. Heavens, they even intend to celebrate the production and release of this terrible titilating tome with parties and other social events. (I have good information that the first event, involving the revelation of some sort of artwork, will be held at their salon on September 8th.) They are already sending out invitations, as several of my acquaintances have received them. I have counseled these acquaintances not to attend. These erotically erudite women know better than to send me an invitation, for they know I would reply with a scathing refusal. I am certain these purveyors of prurience would be completely shunned, were it not for the D’ of H’s sponsorship. I admire that great lady’s many charitable efforts, but she has sadly misplaced her trust in sponsoring these Bluestocking Belles. I beg you sir, do all you can in your very useful periodical to warn the public not to purchase or support these women in their efforts to undermine decency.


A concerned society matron.

*A note to our readers. We at the Tattler were astonished to receive the above correspondence. Our fondness for The Bluestocking Belles is well known and we cannot imagine what the author of this letter was thinking when she wrote it let alone addressed it to us. We can only speculate that she must be aware of our war on censorship. It is in that spirit that we have chosen to publish her letter of tripe and vitriol. The Tattler in no way endorses this supposed matron’s opinions or advice. In fact we encourage all of our readers to attend every event and read every publication by the Bluestocking Belles. In addition and as is our policy of fairness, we invite the Bluestocking Belles to rebut this matron’s nonsense.

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