Christmastide Kisses

A Bluestocking Belles With Friends collection

Six charming holiday season romances from award-winning and best-selling authors.

The Bluestocking Belles and Friends brighten your holidays with:

  • A beleaguered uncle whose wards have run off every governess–what he needs is a wife, if only he can persuade the latest applicant
  • A country solicitor who becomes an earl and then finds a secret that changes everything
  • A very proper clergyman battles very improper urges when he and a lady with a murky past find themselves snowbound
  • A viscount whose search to unearth generations-old family secrets kindles the fire of love for his lovely search partner
  • A former army captain wonders if the best friend of his ex-fiancee is the woman he should have married
  • A vicar with a misspent youth and the duke’s daughter who brings out the best in him

Six gentlemen and the ladies with whom they discover the power of a Christmastide Kiss.

Release date: December 26, 2023

Duncan’s Twelfth Night Miracle, by Caroline Warfield

Duncan Laidlaw, newly and unexpectedly raised to Viscount
Mildrum, is in trouble. He’s been saddled with a neglected estate, a
shabby household, and three wild and undisciplined children, his
cousin’s step-children.

After several failed attempts he has concluded that what he
needs first isn’t a governess, it is a wife, someone who can help him
bring order to his home. He turns to his friend, vicar Micah Turner, to
send one. What an outrageous request! Yet, Micah happens to know
just the woman.

A Countess for Christmas, by Jude Knight

Louisa always knew her mother was keeping secrets. She had no
idea how much her life would change when she knew the truth.
Ben was content with his practice as a solicitor. He had no idea
he was the last surviving male heir to a title.
Christmas is a time for surprises, but will bring them each more
than they expected.

Twelfth Night Treasure, by Alina K. Field

Though the Reverend Mr. Matthew Gurnwood longs to marry, he
can’t afford a wife, not one without a dowry. One had to allow for the
possibility of children, for it was a fact that a so-called white marriage
would not do for him, at least not with the sort of woman he’d want to
marry—a woman like the mysterious Miss Dubia Hastings.
Disguised as a lady’s companion, Dubia Hastings has been
hiding from a scandalous past, a mercenary cousin, and an
impossible attraction to the very proper clergyman, Mr. Gurnwood.
When they’re stranded together on Twelfth Night, dare she risk
everything to tell him the truth?

The Lady and the Christmas Brooch, by Ruth A. Casie

In the historic halls of Westerfield Manor, an entwined tale of
mystery, love, and destiny unfolds. Lady Genevieve and Lord
Ashford embark on a challenge to uncover the hidden family secrets
that span generations—before midnight. Amidst the allure of the
past, they find themselves drawn into a web of intrigue fueled by
secret letters, a missing treasured brooch, and the whispers of an
age-old romance. As midnight draws near, Genevieve and Ashford’s
bond deepens, revealing that true love, like the secrets of the past, is
illuminated by those willing to look beyond the bounds of a restricted
society. In a spellbinding story weaving together destiny and
unwavering commitment, the legacy of a family finds itself rewritten
by the enduring and profound magic that only love can offer.

All Things Merry and Bright, by Aileen Fish

When his fiancée broke off their betrothal, James fought rejection by
sealing off his heart. After thirteen years, can he finally open himself
to love again with his best friend’s little sister? Bea isn’t about to lose
her chance at claiming the only man she’s ever desired, and this
Christmas she plans to give him the long overdue gift of her heart.

All I Want For Christmas Is You, by Susana Ellis

Alicia’s story begins in The Third MacPherson Sister, where her
unkindness results in Rebecca MacPherson’s unceremonious
removal from London. But the spoiled duke’s daughter suffers
repercussions as well, and for the first time she yearns to be a better
person. Perhaps the handsome young vicar might be able to help

Evan and Alicia are strongly attracted to each other, but she’s not
for him. Her wealth and status—and his past—stand between them.
What will it take for this pair to realize that love is the only thing that

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