tt4Dear author,

The Teatime Tattler is delighted to host guests every Wednesday. We are currently accepting signups through December, 2023. To request a guest slot please read these guidelines and click on the link below.

We ask that you write a post with a gossipy tone, and find a plausible (even if technically impossible) link to what is, after all, a Regency scandal sheet. See past posts for ways past guests have delightfully achieved this.  Secondary characters are particularly useful.

And if one of your characters wishes to seek help for a problem, please contact our dear Aunt Augusta with your questions. She posts on Mondays.

While most of our correspondents discuss historicals, the Teatime Tattler accepts all romance genres. However, if your book is set any time after 1955, please be prepared to provide a reason in your snippet for your article appearing in a newspaper in the early part of the 19th century.

Your characters time travel? A Teatime Tattler reporter time travels? A letter or other document makes a mysterious journey into the past? Let your imagination run wild, and have fun.

We hope you enjoy the Teatime Tattler, and we look forward to reading your contribution.

Sincerely yours

S. Clemens, Editor and Proprietor.


  • The Belles strive for a playful tone on our site.
  • We think of the Tattler as a regency scandal sheet. Try for a gossipy tone.
  • Humor and fun are welcome additions but not required.
  • Try to keep the interview or topic posting to 500 words or less. Try to keep your total blog entry to 1000-1500 words including bio, blurb, excerpt and post.

Suggested postings (feel free to propose another

  • Have a minor character report on what they see happening in the story.
  • Use a character snippet to give backstory to your novel. If you create a scene of some sort, put a note over the top that a gossip sheet might have such as “Overheard at a . . .”
  • Create a correspondence between two characters
  • Stage a lecture on a controversial topic
  • Have Mr. Clemens interview a character during a public lecture
  • Write a “report” by a fictional reporter
  • Write on a topic from your research. Report it as a character from that era.

To schedule a slot, please use the link below:

See the calendar and signup for your preferred Wednesday: Teatime Tattler Signup

Any questions? Contact Sam, the editor, on