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Father of Cowboy in a Kilt Revealed to Be a Liar and a Cheat

The Tattler has learned that the recently deceased Earl of M (you know the one from northeast Scotland) was a liar and a cheat. He was a true scoundrel in the mold of his 13th century ancestor “the most hated man in Scotland.”

We received this shocking news from our source in Dungarob Harbor who reports:
“The wedding of Wyoming rancher Caibre MacFearann to Aisla MacKai on Jan. 1, 1871 was a shock to most of Clan MacKai and the residents of Dungarob Harbor. As the couple had the approval of Baron Steafan MacKai, the local community has rallied around the happy pair. Everyone knows that Clan MacFearann is untrustworthy at best. Some of the most evil figures in history have ties to that clan.

It seems however, that a change is in the wind regarding the MacFearann reputation. The evidence lies in just how a MacFearann second son gained the hand of a MacKai daughter. The MacKais are very highly regared throughout Scotland. A reputation well deserved as they are guardians of on of Scotland’s most treasured and legendary items, the Brother Blade. Evidently, Caibre MacFearann discovered that his father had stolen the Brother Blade by cheating the Baron’s American wife, who did not know the value or history of the Blade. Having discovered this, Caibre MacFearann vowed to return the blade to its rightful owners and nearly lost his life in the process.

Baron MacKai’s gratitude for the return of the legendary sword removed any opposition he had towards the marriage of his sister to MacFearann. The couple intends to live at Dungarob Keep for a year while the Baron goes off to seek his runaway wife (and that dear readers is a scandal for another day). Once the year is past, the newly weds will return to the MacFearann ranch in the Wyoming Territory of the USA.

The Tattler is relieved to know that all has ended well and the Brother Blade is with it’s proper owners. We wish the newly-weds well and look forward to hearing about Baron MacKai’s adventures as well as the developing scandal brewing for Caibre MacFearann’s brother, the new Earl of M.

The origins of Clan MacFearann’s terrible reputation are buried in ancient clan history. The first mention of ‘the most hated man in Scotland’ occurs in Knight Protector. Click the link below for more about that story. http://rueallyn.com/2gKPexcerpt.html

BLURB: Sir Colin Marr left his highland home believing he would never again see the woman he loved. Returning in search of traitors to Scotland, he discovers Sorcha MacKai is now his brother’s widow. Colin convinces her to help him find the traitors, but can he convince her to trust him with her heart.

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  1. Sounds like a winner. A must have. Will order it. Thank you for sharing. I do love rogues turned into admired lovable scoundrels.

  2. Lori Dykes

    This sounds really intriguing! Definitely want to read!!!

    • Rue Allyn

      Thank you Lori. If you are speaking of Caibre’s book you’ll have to wait for the Belles’ next boxset, coming later this year. If you’re interested in Knight Protector that is available now.

  3. Caroline Warfield

    This is a gem, Rue. Well said!

  4. Roxane Twisdale

    Is the story of the sword being returned in this book Knight protector? I’ve never read any novels by Rue, so I’m trying to start one and I like the story of the sword.

    • Roxane, Knight Protector (set in 1296) tells the origins of the Brother Blade. The disappearance and return of the sword (which takes place in 1870/71 is told in my novella, A Wish for All Seasons, to be included in the Bluestocking Belles annual boxset being released in late fall of this year. I hope that clears things up for you. If not, feel free to get in touch via contact@RueAllyn.com.

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