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Strange Encounter

This arrived at the Tattler by mysterious means from the Tucson Tattler, 1890
Interview with hotel front desk clerk, Homer Jenkins

I heard Abbot Foster’s mail-order bride disappeared. Vanished into thin air, the way folks put it. I know more than people think. I see things from my desk, though I don’t pass judgement. I’m surprised you’re the first paper to talk to me.

Erline Foster stayed here waitin’ to be wed. She was a pretty thing, but the maid refused to clean her room after the first time she set foot in there. The girl wasn’t specific–something about a feeling she got in that room.

I was here when those two detectives booked in too. He’s a real detective with the Pinkertons, Aaron Turrell’s his name. The lady, Healy Harrison, called herself a detective too, but I ask you, what kind of detective agency specializes in ghosts? More to the point, what kind of fool hires them? Some fool who wants to be parted from their money. Not that I’m judging.

The two of them arrived separately. Turrell was waiting here for his next assignment. He’d just caught some outlaws outside of town–it was in the papers. Then, she shows up. Odd girl. Pretty though. From the desk here I can see the dining room, and I witnessed their first meeting. She come down all gussied up except she was pretending to be blind. She had on dark glasses and stumbled around with a cane. She’d been seated and all, so I don’t know what got in her craw, but she ups and crosses the room to Mr. Turrell’s table, and gives him what for. I thought that would be the end of that, but no, she joins him!

Cadillac Hotel, Detroit MI (Scan by NYPD) via Wikimedia Commons

Cadillac Hotel, Detroit MI (Scan by NYPD) via Wikimedia Commons

After that I watched those two coming and going, sometimes together, sometimes separately. She got picked up and returned by Abbot Foster’s nephew every day. This was before Erline disappeared. It was tragic when Abbot lost his first wife, Cora, but still, what business did a ghost hunter have out there?

Meanwhile things got interesting at the hotel. I saw those detectives getting cozy. I’m not one to gossip, but if I say one of their employers was paying for an empty room, you get my drift. One night another guest complained he had to intervene when a man wearing a nightshirt was making a racket and trying to get into a lady’s room.

Next day, I saw Turrell waiting for her in the lobby, and she was hiding behind a potted palm, which was odd considering how… friendly they’d become. Then he gets a telegram and you should’ve seen the expression on his face. He stormed out of here.

Later Miss Harrison comes back from the ranch, all frantic, saying she needed me to pass along a note to Turrell. She wanted him to high-tail it out to the ranch.

What happened there is a mystery. All I know is Erline disappeared and those two detectives show up here asking for a Justice of the Peace.

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