Sweetbriar Engagement Ball

One must wonder about the judgment of Lady BA’s widowed father in allowing her flirtatious association with a variety of gentlemen. However, none of her many beaus created as much gossip and near scandal as her involvement with Viscount RD.

   Although many hoped the coquettish Lady BA would tame the wild and sometimes unprincipled Viscount, that expectation was dashed recently when Lord MA announced the sudden (and shall we say rushed) betrothal and subsequent nuptials to an American sea captain, of all people!

  Sweetbriar The ill-mannered American did not bother to attend the engagement ball until much too late in the evening—well after the midnight dinner. As scandalous as that was, it did not compare to the unfortunate timing of his tardy arrival.

   Neither Lady BA nor Viscount RD could be located in the ballroom. Rumor has it the American found them cozied up together in the garden!

   Within days, I’m told, the two men met at dawn to settle a matter of honor. Gossip as it that the naughty-naughty Viscount again brought to question the matter of his principals. No one seems to know the source, but the sobriquet of “Diaper Dan” has been bandied about ever since that fateful day.

   Of the American? No one knows nor seems to care.

Sweetbriar: A Love Triangle Romance

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About the Author

Authenticity is essential to Romance author Paula Judith Johnson, especially in the historical romance genre.

“I’m an avid history buff! My late husband, Wayne, and I were involved with many mountain man-era black powder clubs for over 20 years. I’ve carried that excitement and passion with me ever since and often use those experiences when writing about the early 1800s.”

Paula Judith Johnson is the author of esteemed romance novels, such as her historical Sweetbriar: A Love Triangle Romance, a 2020 Book Excellence Award Finalist. Her two contemporary romances are Starting Over: A Second Chance Romance, Book 1, and Second Time Around: A Second Chance Romance, Book 2.

Her fourth novel, Brewer’s Betrothal: A Love Triangle Romance, is the first in a trilogy that returns her readers to the era of 1812 America. This novel pulls in a few characters from Sweetbriar for cameo appearances.

Paula Judith finds that on some mornings, the words flow effortlessly. Those mornings are rare jewels she cherishes. Other mornings, she scrapes along a barren, rock-strewn path picking up little pebbles, one by one. Either way, she loves the process of walking alongside her characters, crying with them over their losses, and rejoicing with them in their triumphs. “After all,” she says, “they are my friends. I hope they become your friends, too.”

Fun Facts About Paula Judith Johnson:
While involved in mountain man-era black powder clubs, Paula Judith regularly shot reproduction muzzle-loading rifles, pistols, and shotguns. She also enjoyed throwing Bowie knives, tomahawks, and spears.

Paula Judith boasts many competition prizes and is especially proud of placing 1st in woman’s rifle and 1st Overall (rifle, pistol, knife & tomahawk) at the last Fort Clatsop Muzzleloaders rendezvous.

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