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A Christmas House Party invitation which will curl your nostril hairs!

Hunh! Countess of Reddington, here with a warning for you. To whit: 

A house party that will tickle your fancy…not your nostril hairs! (Of all ridiculous accusations! Lady Reddington, you are minx!)

I do marvel at Countess of Marsden and her social calendar. I mean, she is older, you know, and yet she persists in hostessing soirees that meet the stunning standards of Prinny himself!

Why only today, I received an invitation from her. She is selling…pardon me, trying to secure husbands for her three nieces. For that, she hosts a house party that will be, dare I say, notorious.


Well, why wouldn’t you believe that when we all know that she has…most indiscreetly, too…engaged in a most improper relationship with one man. Who, you ask?

Dare I tell you?

I will.

I cannot resist. 

A duke, no less.

And she has invited him to this house party! As well as dozens of others.

Why, here is her invitation!

The Countess of Marsden


the pleasure of your company

at her home on the North Steyne in Brighton

December 21-December 28, 1815.

She welcomes you to dining, dancing,

charades, cards and match-making

for her nieces and guests. 

Even, dear me, herself!

Card-sharps, smugglers, lecherous lords are not invited.

But many forlorn ladies in search of lost loves, a randy butler 

and a certain older gentleman whom the Countess adores

will not attend.

Yet she suspects they will appear! 

Répondez s’il vous plait!


Do not go!

I warn you. Do not. She will regale you with stories that are fit for no one’s ears. 

No one…but mine, of course.

Only mine!

Christmas Belles

The Scandalous Christmas House Party where everyone falls in love


Advertising for a wife? Astonishing!

I hasten to inform you, dear readers, of a most titillating scandal. I am certain many of you have heard of the opening of a very fine (but small and rather shabby) hotel on the Marine Parade in Brighton.

I was there only last week and met with the Lady Proprietor in question. A Viscountess, or once she was, until her dear husband died under mysterious circumstances in Paris. Yes, you grasp about whom I speak, because that man, noble and charming as he was, died while at court of that horrid little Napoleon.

Well! I tell you, dear readers, that this lovely Viscountess W— has moved to Brighton and opened the only asset her dear husband left her. All else that was in the entail, of course, has gone to her departed husband’s rapscallion cousin. Lady W— was hard put to survive and appreciated that her husband had bequeathed her something tangible. If it’s of value remains however to be seen.

Alas! I am off the subject!

It seems that Lady W— has turned the graceful old mansion into a hotel. Yes! She sees how many wish to frolic along with the Prince Regent and she smartly has refurbished the W— mansion into a hotel! And her first guest is none other than Duke of S—.

Imagine that. He comes in search of a wife, too. And how do I know this? Because I have seen, as have you I do imagine, the advert in the Brighton Chronicle yesterday for a wife. It reads:

To the Ladies

A Wife Wanted

A Gentleman, who has lately arrived from Philadelphia, wishes to settle for life and is therefore anxious to be Married. His connections are reputable, his fortune large and he is thirty-one years of age.

He has no objections to a lady without fortune, provided she is young, sensible and with good disposition. 

Any lady who wishes to contact said advertiser, may send a letter to this publication, care of the editor, Mr. Fawkes.

The Gentelmen will take residence in Lady W—’s hotel on the 20th of June and remains until July first. During that time, he will interview those women of whose letters he approves.

The wedding will occur July second.

Can you imagine wedded bliss from such a procedure? 

I ask you, have we not come to the lowest method of seekiing a spouse?

And in such a pleasant place as Brighton. Astonishing!


Who is advertising for a wife?

Lady Winston’s Scandalous Hotel is a new series of Regency romantic comedies starring the lovely widow, Viscountess of Winston. A mysterious fellow who appears to materialize on the Brighton sands one morning becomes her assistant in the arts of love. Yes, he has come from the lamp. Come from Istanbul where the sultan’s vizier condemned him to aid widows and those who seek spouses. He is charming. Lady W is dismayed. Her hotel guests are all made quite happy because they are assisted in their quest for romance! For debut in the near future, THE DUKE’S SURPRISING BRIDE, BOOK 1!

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New romantic doings in Dudley Crescent?

Word among those in the know is that in that marvelously fashionable London crescent, Dudley to be exact, a new storm brews over the romantic interests of the lords and ladies who live there.

This time we have a gardener who is taking advantage of the lovely young debutante in a certain house! Astonishing! What does her mama have to say about this? Her papa, dearly departed Lord E—, we know would shoot the man for his presumption.

But that is not all! It seems that Lord Haverly in Number 42 is in need of a new cook. And it being Christmas and his house full of his poor motherless children, he is in need of someone who can cook for a throng of people. As ever, his mother and two sisters planned to descend upon him. Quite unusual for any of the ton to come up from the country for Christmas. But there you have it. And we in this town know that the women of the Haverly family are very demanding. Not only of fine cuisine but of extreme order.

Too bad then that Lord Heavenly has ordered his cook up from his remote country estate in Sussex. Word has it that that particular servant is the youngest daughter of a termagant lord and that this dashing, poor widowed Lord Haverly has a certain fondness for her.

What will his mother and sisters say? Will they have any effect upon his affections for this cook? And what could he care as long as the woman provides not just physical substance bought emotional sucker for his poor mother’s children?

Be sure to read the current three novels about those who live in Dudley Crescent

Her Beguiling Butler:

His Tempting Governess:

His Naughty Maid:

A house party of eye-opening revelations!

To the Tattler:

I find it imperative that I comment upon the house party to celebrate the May Day events at Lord and Lady Courtland’s home this past week. While I decline to name us for discretion among the ton, my husband and I are always invited to the annual event. This year’s frolic was truly a romp!

One lady was known to have secluded herself with a man she barely knows. Another had a most unusual public argument with a gentleman who heretofore was her childhood friend and now, oddly, seems to be her lover! The bride whose wedding we were to celebrate ran off. We know not where, nor does the groom, poor man. And her friend, who has lost two betrotheds, one to casualty of war and another to a terrible catarrh, took up with the vicar and then she disappeared!

Now I ask you, ladies and gentlemen, what kind of party was this to be? 

One shudders to think of the consequences. 

One hopes all these young ladies recover their decorum. Further, one earnestly wishes these young men attend to their manners and their duties. Proposals are expected! Special licenses necessary! Weddings should be soon.

And my, my. I do look forward to next year’s May Day Frolic. Don’t you?

Sincerely, A lady of fine repute



She believed she destroyed any man who loved her. 

Lady Willa Sheffield had beauty, education, charm, a handsome dowry…and a curse for killing any man who proposed. When she falls for a man who has favor with someone who answers all prayers, she questions if she’s right.

He would move Heaven and Earth to marry her.

Reverend Charles Compton has everything a lady could require: wit, ethics, good family and stable position. But no money and no title. And for a lady who is an earl’s daughter to wed well, she needs a man of some gravitas. But a vicar of a small parish—with rousing political ideas and little income—must move Heaven and earth to make a good future.

Who can doubt the determination or the inventiveness of a man in love?

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A baffling question!

Your Erstwhile Correspondent has one question about the May Day Frolic at Lord and Lady Cortland’s home. Pray tell, how can these five educated, accomplished young women be so wrong about the gentleman whom they love?

Lady Fiona Chastain, that lovely raven-haired beauty who lives with her widowed mother in Bath, thinks she is in love with a gentleman whom she met only briefly. How can one assume that a lifelong relationship will ensue if one has barely spoken to the fellow? I understand good looks can be charming, but handsome wrapping can conceal a mysterious substance. And does she even know this fellow’s name?

Her friend Lady Mary has the opposite problem in that she knows the fellow she adores far too well and he seems more friend than lover. While he shows her affection, for some odd reason, he appears reluctant to wed! What can be the matter with him?

Miss Esme Harvey, as we’ve heard from her own lips, is madly in love with her groom. But is she? Really? On the eve of her wedding, she appears…disinterested? What can be the matter? Maidenly nerves?

Their friend Lady Willa Sheffield has another problem in that she’s been engaged twice and lost both gentlemen to dour circumstances. Will she love again or is she doomed to eternal spinsterhood?

Then there is Miss Millicent Weaver. She has avoided the likes of the gentleman whom she once adored. Indeed, she swears off any other man’s attentions. We know now why, but we do understand that her friend Lady Mary has appealed to the one whom Miss Weaver adores to reconsider his avoidance of her. We pray this conflict will end. Quickly too.

These young ladies need to perk up, do their best to resolve the issues that separate them from their chosen enamoratas. We must have order in society! Weddings. Happy marriages. Babies. The Kingdom must progress, won’t you agree?

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