For many years, the exploits of the Merry Marquis of Aldridge enlivened discussion whenever gentlemen gathered over a brandy or a game of cards. Those of a delicate mind might think the ladies above such matters as discussing his activities amongst themselves. One would be wrong. Indeed, much of the gentleman’s success with the fair sex came from word of mouth recommendations from a bored wife to an adventurous widow and vice versa. Indeed, any lady with yen to wander a little experience under her belt used to be able to count on the Merry Marquis as a partner in amorous delights.

In recent times, all that has changed. He has become the stern guardian of his mother’s wards and a model of propriety. Or has he?

For a brief period towards the end of last year, rumours abounded that the merry marquis not only attended that riotous palace of physical gratification known as Heaven and Hell, but absconded therefrom with two of its loveliest Cyprians. Furthermore, there are those who claim to have seen his lordship in his carriage leaving town with those same Drury Lane Vestals.

Christmas came, the marquis did not return, and gossip died away.

But with a new Season come new, and even more titillating, stories. A certain widow and her dearest friend, from whom she is seldom parted, claim to have had an encounter with his lordship in the Heir’s Wing of his father’s London mansion. An encounter that was interrupted by a damsel of such probity that no-one would dare to question her virtue, were there not credible witnesses against her.

Given the propensity of her relatives to reach for their swords, we hesitate to name the damsel in question, even though she was seen entering the Heir’s Wing last night and leaving again this morning.

Has the Sinner conquered the Saint? And if so, will the feud between two of the highest ducal houses in the land erupt once more into fury?

To Claim the Long-Lost Lover

The beauty known as the Winderfield Diamond hides a ruinous secret. Society’s newest viscount holds the key.

Sarah’s beloved abandoned her eight years ago, leaving her to face the anger of her family and worse. And now he is back, more compelling than ever. Sarah is even lovelier than when she was a girl, but what did she know about her father’s revenge on Nate: forcible enlistment into the navy and years of servitude?

Released 30 July

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To Tame the Wild Rake

The whole world knows Aldridge is a wicked sinner. They used to be right.

The ton has labelled Charlotte a saint for her virtue and good works. They don’t know the ruinous secret she hides.

Then an implacable enemy reveals all. The past that haunts them wounds their nearest relatives and turns any hope of a future to ashes.

Must they choose between family and one another?

Released 17 September

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In the morning, Anthony showed Charlotte to the door by the duke’s offices and from there the footman Mullins, anonymous in his Haverford livery, escorted her along the facade of the house to the main portico. Anthony had said goodbye in his own private suite, where he was free to give her another of those knee-melting kisses. “I should see you safely to your coach, Cherry, but people might take note and wonder whether you were visiting me and not Jessica.”

“I can walk 100 yards across a private courtyard on my own, Anthony,” she told him, but he said he would worry if she went out into the open alone. “Take a footman, Cherry, to stay with you until your own guard arrives.”

As it happened, her carriage and guard were coming through the gate as she and Mullins reached the front steps. “Thank you, Mullins,” she said to the footman. He stopped to watch as her guard handed her up into the carriage, and she lifted a hand in half a wave—not to Mullins, but to those windows of the duke’s suite of offices that looked out onto the courtyard.

Perhaps Anthony had forgotten about her already. But no. He would be watching. She had underestimated his feelings for her, but last night he had showed her in a thousand ways that he truly cared. His reverent care of her. The private memories he shared. The heat and love in his eyes when she woke from a deep sleep to find him watching her.

Which had prompted a third round of amorous congress before they fell asleep again. They enjoyed one another’s convivial society a fourth time this morning, and Charlotte could feel the effects of the night’s pleasure. Not soreness, exactly. A certain tenderness in the places that were still soft and puffy. And an ache deep within that she now knew was her body yearning for his.