Ask Aunt Augusta

Dear Aunt Augusta,

I am in a conundrum and require your advice. I am beginning to have feelings for the very man who has laid siege to my castle. He fills my head both night and day and I canna seem to help myself. Please help me, Aunt Augusta, afore I do something horrible and reveal my true identity to a man I should consider my enemy.


Amiria of Clan McLaren and Berwyck Castle, the heroine of If My Heart Could See You by Sherry Ewing

Dearest Amiria,

Oh, dear! Your castle is under siege? I do so hope you are quite safe behind your walls! And I do not merely mean the walls of your castle but also the walls of your heart.

I think, Amiria, that perhaps it might be best for you to endeavor to determine what it is you want and what it is that he wants. Without a doubt, you two are at odds with one another. Strangely, but it has happened to many times before for it to be ignored, people who cannot be more different find themselves becoming a match that serves rather nicely.

You do not give enough details about him for me to understand enough, but that he fills your head both night and day — that I do understand. Preoccupation of the mind like this does suggest deep feelings.

My suggestion is to tread carefully, both with your castle and with your heart. Perhaps you both need to talk in order to settle matters on both accounts.

I wish you the very best,

Aunt Augusta

If My Heart Could See You by Sherry Ewing

When you’re enemies, does love have a fighting chance?


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