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It’s Harvest Festival Time

News you need to hear from Reabridge

Dear Mr. Clemens,

You’ve been getting dispatches from Reabridge for the last several weeks about the goings-on here.

Well, things are about to come to a head, not that your reporter, Frank, will learn anything. He’s spent most of his time walking out with that tavern wench.

The harvest is almost finished, a good one this year. Why it’s so good, one of our local stewards passed out in a field. Had to be carried out on a wagon. Everyone else is about ready to throw down their sickles and kick up their heels at this year’s festival.

Speaking of that, our head Morris man broke his leg, and the farmer he wants to replace him is so cow-eyed over the girl he found sleeping in his dairy shed he’s refusing to serve as his replacement. Doesn’t want to look foolish he says.

The doctor’s finally stoppered his bottle for now, and good thing. One of the local gentry is about to give birth, and it’s to be twins, they say. The lady’s a widow with naught but girls, and about to lose her home to a greedy panting heir. Sad, that.

There’s another Frenchy in town, a man this time, swanning around looking down his nose at the yokels. Friend of one of the captains who just came back, otherwise our men would have hauled him onto the next coach.

All that news is about us common Englishmen, but the lords and ladies are up to things too. Not that we have so many titled folk around here. But the ones we do have–well Frank probably didn’t tell you the rumor about stolen jewels. Yep. Don’t know exactly whose it was but we can pretty well finger a visitor for the deed. Not a lord or a sir, but one of them Corinthians they talk about. He’s been running up debt and now he’s skulking around the stalls going up for the festival. Up to no good.

Hope this reaches you in time to jump on the mail coach and come see for yourself.


A Reabridger Who Knows What’s Going On

About the Book: Under the Harvest Moon

As the village of Reabridge in Cheshire prepares for the first Harvest Festival following Waterloo, families are overjoyed to welcome back their loved ones from the war.

But excitement quickly turns to mystery when mere weeks before the festival, an orphaned child turns up in the town—a toddler born near Toulouse to an English mother who left clues that tie her to Reabridge.

With two prominent families feuding for generations and the central event of the Harvest Moon festival looming, tensions rise, and secrets begin to surface.

Nine award winning and bestselling authors have combined their talents to create this engaging and enchanting collection of interrelated tales. Under the Harvest Moon promises an unforgettable read for fans of Regency romance.

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Release Day October 10, 2023


LAUD’S HEIR RETURNS FROM GRAND TOUR. In search of wife, says reputable source.


The gossip we learn when we travel…

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