Ask Aunt Augusta

Dear Aunt Augusta,

I am starting to have feelings for a young woman. She is from the poorer end of the street, but that doesn’t matter to me. My family, however, don’t approve and they are trying to set me up with a daughter of a friend. How do I get out of this and hold onto my temper with all the guilt and pressure bearing down on me?


Tom the hero of Sun on Sundays by Wendy Lou Jones


My dear Tom,

Matters of the heart can never be simple, can they? Why, just look at yourself! You are starting to fall for a young woman that your family does not approve of. Now, I will say that family is very important, almost as important as love itself. After all, families are born of both blood and love.

Your family, to be sure, is merely looking out for you and what they perceive to be your best interests. What of your heart, you say? Let that be your guide. Choose well. Sleep upon the matter. And if the young lady who has stolen your heart is also in love with you, then maybe you had better to hold your temper by letting go of guilt and pressure and by going to do whatever it takes to be with her.

I wish you the very best,

Aunt Augusta


Sun on Sundays by Wendy Lou Jones

In her heart hid an ember that would never burn out. k/dp/B01ERWIQOI



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