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BlueStocking Belles Accused of Salacious Seduction

Dear Mr. Clemens,*

I wish to warn you and your readers that those shameless hussies known as The Bluestocking Belles are at it again. Once more they plan to produce a connected set of scandalous stories which include salacious scenes of seduction. Heavens, they even intend to celebrate the production and release of this terrible titilating tome with parties and other social events. (I have good information that the first event, involving the revelation of some sort of artwork, will be held at their salon on September 8th.) They are already sending out invitations, as several of my acquaintances have received them. I have counseled these acquaintances not to attend. These erotically erudite women know better than to send me an invitation, for they know I would reply with a scathing refusal. I am certain these purveyors of prurience would be completely shunned, were it not for the D’ of H’s sponsorship. I admire that great lady’s many charitable efforts, but she has sadly misplaced her trust in sponsoring these Bluestocking Belles. I beg you sir, do all you can in your very useful periodical to warn the public not to purchase or support these women in their efforts to undermine decency.


A concerned society matron.

*A note to our readers. We at the Tattler were astonished to receive the above correspondence. Our fondness for The Bluestocking Belles is well known and we cannot imagine what the author of this letter was thinking when she wrote it let alone addressed it to us. We can only speculate that she must be aware of our war on censorship. It is in that spirit that we have chosen to publish her letter of tripe and vitriol. The Tattler in no way endorses this supposed matron’s opinions or advice. In fact we encourage all of our readers to attend every event and read every publication by the Bluestocking Belles. In addition and as is our policy of fairness, we invite the Bluestocking Belles to rebut this matron’s nonsense.


Lord Parkington Speaks Out




  1. You’ve outdone yourself this time, Rue! Bravo!

  2. Caroline Warfield

    I wish to thank Mr. Clemens for his broad minded support for our work.
    Caroline Warfield

  3. Me? Erotically erudite? I only wish…

  4. Bluestocking Belles

    Dear Mr. Clemens

    Her Grace the Duchess of Haverford has asked me to assure you that she can vouch for the hero of one of the novellas in the box set mentioned by your correspondent. The third son of the Duke of Winderfield was well known to Her Grace when they were both young, and he is a gentleman of great integrity.

    Her Grace also wishes Mr Clemens to know that she is particularly fond of the Bluestocking Belles, and is confident that readers might rely on them for tempting and interesting stories that will intrigue and delight. If this is seduction, Her Grace says, then bring it on.

    JK (on behalf of Eleanor Haverford)

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