Dateline: Late November 1814

Gentle Readers,

Several months ago, we brought you news of the disappearance of the Duke of M. via a plea from his sister, Lady C. M. who begged assistance in finding her brother. We can now confide that our searches have born some small but disturbing fruit. Lady C. M. who’s kindness knows no bounds has our deepest sympathies if appearances are proven to be true.

A reliable source stationed in the Caribbean reports sighting His Grace briefly in Port Royal, Jamaica then later in the American City of New Orleans.

A less respectable but generally reliable source in that city informs us that His Missing Grace has been sighted visiting with the pirate Jean LaFitte, then with General Andrew Jackson. Our evasive Duke has also been seen hobnobbing with the New Orleans Haute Ton—such as it may be in a Louisiana backwater.

The implication that a highly respected nobleman may be intent on betraying his country is not one this correspondent cares to make. But everyone recognizes that a man may be known by his associates.

Additionally, in the case of the Duke of M. he would not be the first in his family to betray king and country. Some still recall several years back, when the duke’s half-sibling was wanted by the crown for complicity in the murder of Lord Beaufort. The young assassin vanished from England–according to rumor the elder brother spirited away the younger to evade trial and punishment–before he could be brought to justice. After being tried in absentia, the crown banished the duke’s brother and re-possessed all lands and titles that might have come to the fellow.

Obviously, the barrel of the duke’s family contains more than one bad apple. Or does it? We anxiously await word of the battle that was brewing near New Orleans. Quite possibly, His Grace’s actions will influence the outcome. Will victory clear him of suspicion? Or will defeat condemn him to the same fate as his brother?

Keep watch in this paper for more news, printed the moment we receive it.

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