Nawa w redniowiecznym kociele z drewnian skrzyni i wiecamiHunting through a bundle of medieval manuscripts, recently found stuffing the bottom of a trunk purchased at auction, your faithful editor found the following. Surely the interviewer was a Teatime Tattler columnist, born 600 years before his time?

Yesterday off the shores of Great Yarmouth a Scottish ship went down in a sudden storm. We have learned that, Baron Conlin de Braose of Sandwich, Baron of the Cinque Ports, risked his life as well as his ship and the lives of his crew trying to save his future Scottish bride. But sources tell us his betrothed was not even on the ship and what he fished out of the sea is very interesting indeed. We interviewed the baron’s squire, Toft, to learn more on the horrific situation.

Toft, can you tell us why Lord Conlin de Braose risked his life taking his ship into a storm and what he got from this heroic act?

Aye. I’d be glad to. Lord Conlin as we all call him, thought he was saving his betrothed, Lady Catherine MacEwen from Kirkaldy when the Scottish ship and its crew was lost at sea. But it seems his betrothed wasn’t on the ship after all, although he managed to save two people. One of them happened to be a beautiful young lady named Isobel MacEwen, the betrothed’s cousin . . . and proxy.”

Proxy? So, you’re saying the girl he fished from the sea has been sent to marry him in his betrothed’s stead?

That’s exactly what I’m saying. And if I’m not mistaken, Lord Conlin seems a bit smitten with the girl.

He does? But what about his betrothed? Do tell us more.

His betrothed, Lady Catherine, is known as horse face and Shrew of the Scots, if that answers your question without being too direct. Of course no one’s actually seen the shrew yet, but her reputation precedes her.

I see. I’ve also heard Lady Isobel – the baron’s bounty – has been witness to a murder. Can you tell me who has been murdered and if she’s seen the murderer and can identify him?

The one murdered was King Alexander of Scotland, although it seems someone wants everyone to think it was an accident. And Lady Isobel only saw the feet of the murderer, but can identify people by their shoes and the way they walk.

She can? Isn’t that an odd ability to have?

There’s a good explanation for her unique skill. But it’s not half as odd as what the baron found in her trunk that he also fished from the sea.

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BaronsBountyAudio500To find out more about the mysterious Isobel MacEwen and what she has in the trunk that not only shocked the baron but will surprise you as well, read The Baron’s Bounty, Book 2 of the Barons of the Cinque Ports Series by Elizabeth Rose. The book is also available in paperback and audiobook form.


Excerpt from The Baron’s Bounty:

Isobel ran to the edge of the cliff and peered over just as the moon broke through the clouds once again. She gasped when she saw King Alexander lying on the beach with his neck twisted at an odd angle, obviously broken from the fall. More twigs snapped underfoot, and she heard the sound of someone hurrying through the underbrush – headed in her direction.

baronsbountylogo2500Her heart beat furiously, and her body shook in fear. The murderer of the king was not going to be in a hurry to be caught. She couldn’t let him see her, or he’d kill her as well. Without her escorts she was unprotected and very vulnerable. She had only a dagger at her side – no match for the broadsword of a knight, or even the strong hands of a crazed serf. She had no choice but to hide in order to save her own life.

She hurried behind a tree and hunkered down behind a bush, not able to believe what she’d just witnessed. She heard the person free the king’s horse and slap it on its rear to send it off. Hoofbeats sounded loudly as the horse ran through the foliage. Leaves crunched underfoot and she heard the killer coming toward her.

Step, Drag, Swish. Step, Drag, Swish, echoed in her brain as she focused on the sound of their footsteps. She couldn’t keep her body from shaking as the murderer walked past her, so close she could have reached out and touched him.

She moved her hand slightly, and a twig snapped beneath her palm. The killer stopped right in front of the bush that concealed her presence. She didn’t dare move or even breathe, for fear the man would hear her and she’d end up at the bottom of the cliff alongside their ruler.

Her eyes fastened onto the man’s feet, and his boots immediately took her interest. She’d never seen any like these before. They were side-laced riding boots that looked to be made of two-toned Cordoba leather. They were of the finest quality, and obviously very expensive since Cordoba leather came all the way from Spain. They were made from the hides of Musoli goats, tawed in alum in a secret method only known to the Moors. That’s what the cordwainer in town had told her. They were good friends since she spent so much time in his shop, and she’d learned everything she could about making shoes. He’d also said this type of leather was brought back by the Crusaders and very expensive. So expensive that cordwainers only made these shoes on special order from nobles who paid dearly for them.

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