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Just in from our anonymous correspondent in the village of Little Tilling, Berkshire, we have news of a shocking event, which has recently taken place at Tillingford Castle.

It would seem that Lady Alyse Barrington, younger sister of Hunter Barrington, Duke of Melton, (both of whom are currently guests at Tillingford Castle) has been involved in an incident where her safety, nay even her life, it would appear, has been threatened. The staff at the Castle were quick to let their family and friends in the village know of the events of yesterday, although the reports are not entirely clear.

What is known is that Lady Alyse disappeared for some time, and returned looking shaken, escorted by Lord Tillingford himself. A conversation (overheard by the footman who happened to be posted near the parlour door) between the Baron, the Duke, his Duchess and Lady Alyse, immediately afterwards, gave clear indication that a madman of some sort was involved, a man who believed that he was acting for justifiable revenge. Some, including the Innkeeper at the Rose and Wren, say that the man in question arrived with the gypsies who camped on Little Tilling Green some months ago, others report that he was actually employed in the Castle. Whatever the truth of that, our correspondent has not yet been able to determine. We are left with the question – what could any of the noble residents have done, to draw the retribution of a madman?

It seems, also, that Lady Alyse was rescued, in a heroic fashion. The identity of the rescuer was not clear, as the footman was disturbed when that was mentioned, but he believes it to have been Baron Tillingford himself! Later that day, the magistrate was seen to visit Tillingford Castle, and a heavily guarded man was escorted away. The magistrate has, so far, refused to confirm or deny anything.

Our correspondent is seeking further information, and attempting to verify the details of these startling events, even as we go to print. What is our nation coming to, when ladies are not safe, even in the ancestral homes of the nobility?

Loving the Bitter Baron

A Baron left embittered by war, a Lady who sees the man he once was, a madman bent on revenge, a daring rescue, a love stronger than fear.

Gerald Otford, Baron Tillingford, returned from war a bitter man, forever changed by the things he had done, out of necessity. Things that he can never discuss, and which no woman could ever know of without turning away in horror. Certain that he would always be alone, he turned his attention to his estates.

Lady Alyse Barrington, sister to Lord Tillingford’s closest friend, has always been drawn to him, no matter the darkness that seems to tarnish his brightness, no matter the way that he remains aloof. The more men she meets, the more certain she becomes that there is only one man for her. All she has to do is break through his self-imposed isolation…

When the needs of his estate bring Lady Alyse and her brothers to his home, a madman sees the chance to enact his long-planned revenge. Can Lord Tillingford overcome his bitterness and withdrawal in time to save the woman he has come to love, despite himself? Can Lady Alyse accept him for the man that he is, or will his worst fears be realised?

Loving the Bitter Baron: His Majesty’s Hounds Book 11

Clean Regency Romance

Amazon link – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079MC7N1R

All books in this series can be read as standalone, but you will have the best reading experience if you read them in order (get caught up in the lives of your favourite characters!) Each features a separate couple, but you will also see characters from previous books make an appearance.

Meet Arietta

Arietta Richmond has been a compulsive reader and writer all her life.  Whilst her reading has covered an enormous range of topics, history has always fascinated her, and historical novels have been amongst her favourite reading.

She has written a wide range of work, from business articles and other non-fiction works (published under a pen name) but fiction has always been a major part of her life.  Now, her Regency Historical Romance books are finally being released. The Derbyshire Set is comprised of 10 novels (7 released so far). The ‘His Majesty’s Hounds’ series is comprised of 14 novels, with the eleventh having just been released.

She also has a standalone longer novel shortly to be released, and two other series of novels in development.

She lives in Australia, and when not reading or writing, likes to travel, and to see in person the places where history happened.

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