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Where is the Gossip?

Mr. Clemens glared at the calendar spread across his desk.

Too blasted many empty dates!

The Teatime  Tattler reporters, aka the Bluestocking  Belles,  must be spending their time at the Cock and Bull tavern rather than enticing scandal out of every historical romance writer in  Romancelandia as he expects them to do.

  • Are no rakes endangering  the maidens of Mayfair??
  • Have no hoydens run  of with butlers lately?
  • Are there no more bored wives, fed-up husbands, or interfering mothers-in-law in  all Romanclandia??
  • Are there no villages in the hinterlands eager to steeped in vice and eager to tell the world?

Where are the romance writers with their rumors, innuendo and tittle-tattle?No where to be found!

What is a beleaguered editor to  do? Clemens pulls out a fresh paper, trims his pen, and goes to work on a broadside.

Wanted: Writers of Scandal, Purveyors of Scandal, and Practitioners of Humor (or to put it another way, Calling All Authors of Historical Romance!)

Bring your juiciest (if highly fictional) gossip about your characters to the Teatime Tattler. In exchange we offer you the opportunity to:

      1. Have Fun
      2. Make Friends–and above all
      3. Sell books

All comers welcome.

No gossip too salacious, no scandal too small. Contact Mr. S. Clemens (ok, ok, click here)

“People,”  Clemens roared. “Get this to the printer. I  want it nailed to every  door in Facebook, tacked to every  tree on Twitter, and mailed to every writer’s salon you can find.”


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  1. I would love to participate in your promo opportunity.

  2. Hi!

    I would love to participate in your promo opportunity.


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