To Mr. Clemens, Editor of The Teatime Tattler, London and its faithful readers everywhere.

Dear Sir and Fellow Readers,

I feel compelled to respond to the “scientifically minded” lady’s letter published here on December 5th.  The lady presents what, I am certain, she feels is a reasoned argument. However, this lady’s own letter reveals her to be not as ‘scientifically minded’ as she believes. Her claims that the Viking Star Ring is a hoax, perpetrated by the fictive tales of The Bluestocking Belles, has no basis in science. The lady presents no empirical evidence to support her claim.

This is the only known image of the ring in dispute

A subsequent Tattler article about the sale at Bowkers of a ring that failed to produce the desired result is also insufficient evidence that The Viking Star ring is or is not a hoax. The provenance of the Bowkers’ ring was not detailed sufficiently to prove whether or not the ring that was sold was the actual The Viking Star Ring.

My point, sir, is that without empirical evidence of any kind, the veracity of The Viking Star Ring legends cannot be termed true or false; certainty or hoax. I call for the owners of The Viking Star Ring (past, present, and future) to come forward and provide the evidence necessary to prove or disprove the tales surrounding the ring.

It is a shame that such evidence cannot be presented before this day ends, as it would demonstrate to many the worth of purchasing The Bluestocking Belles, Follow Your Star Home collection. The discounted price of the boxset ends today. I would urge The Tattler’s reader sand their friends to get this book. The empirical evidence notwithstanding, the novellas contained in Follow Your Star Home are as much about faith as they are about a magical ring.

To the ‘scientifically minded lady’ I wish to remind her that even science cannot prove everything. I am certain this lady believes in the divinity, yet no scientist that I know of has proven God’s existence. How much poorer our lives would be, if we could only believe what our five senses could perceive.

Thank you, Mr. Clemens, for this opportunity to clear the air over the differences between what science and faith require. I hope your readers will comment with their opinions on the matter.


A lady who agrees with Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your [or anyone’s] philosophy.”

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