Dear Mr. Clemens,

Several weeks back you presented your readers with an interview of a member of the infamous MacFearann clan. I read the interview with interest because the man you featured, Caibre MacFearann, spent the winter here. His presence was a mixed blessing, for he managed to bring our Laird, Baron Steafan MacKai, back home. He also managed, and I cannot begin to imagine how, to return the Brother Blade to Clan MacKai. Your readers may not know that the Brother Blade is a legendary sword that represents the close relationship between Clan MacKai and the Earls of Strathnaver. But that’s where the blessings ended.

This horrible man, for everyone knows MacFearann’s are kin to the devil, took shelter under our roof, ate from the MacKai clan’s table, and pretended to have our clan’s best interests at heart, and all the while he was seducing Baron Steafan’s sister, Miss Aisla MacKai. Why our own Mrs. Grogan caught him kissing Miss MacKai. Miss Aisla protested of course that nothing untoward had occurred, but we all know that kisses are only the beginning. And with a MacFearann involved, a kiss is more than enough to ruin our beloved Aisla.

What will become of her, I cannot say. Her brother may be home, but he is very ill and cannot look out for his sister as he should. Someone must step up and compel the nefarious MacFearann to do the right thing. It is my hope that exposing his devious seductions will result in MacFearann offering for her hand so that Miss Aisla’s good name is restored. Public opinion is a strong force, and is desperately needed in this case. I beg you and your readers to demand Caibre MacFearann take the appropriate action and make an honest woman of Aisla MacKai,

A concerned member of Clan MacKai