Word among those in the know is that in that marvelously fashionable London crescent, Dudley to be exact, a new storm brews over the romantic interests of the lords and ladies who live there.

This time we have a gardener who is taking advantage of the lovely young debutante in a certain house! Astonishing! What does her mama have to say about this? Her papa, dearly departed Lord E—, we know would shoot the man for his presumption.

But that is not all! It seems that Lord Haverly in Number 42 is in need of a new cook. And it being Christmas and his house full of his poor motherless children, he is in need of someone who can cook for a throng of people. As ever, his mother and two sisters planned to descend upon him. Quite unusual for any of the ton to come up from the country for Christmas. But there you have it. And we in this town know that the women of the Haverly family are very demanding. Not only of fine cuisine but of extreme order.

Too bad then that Lord Heavenly has ordered his cook up from his remote country estate in Sussex. Word has it that that particular servant is the youngest daughter of a termagant lord and that this dashing, poor widowed Lord Haverly has a certain fondness for her.

What will his mother and sisters say? Will they have any effect upon his affections for this cook? And what could he care as long as the woman provides not just physical substance bought emotional sucker for his poor mother’s children?

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