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Scandalous visitors? Or scandalous viscount?

Capital Journal, Fiction Section, Friday, February the First

A rumor currently circulates among the gentry in The Grand City that the white/blond Viscount of F had a visitor one recent morning, or rather, visitors, as the woman who claimed to be his wife brought with her a pair of identical offspring closely resembling the earl himself.  Piercing blue eyes and straight white hair adorned both cherubs whose mother was blessed with the dark hair of her pure Spanish ancestors.

Not believing the woman, or his own eyes it seems, The Viscount of F shooed the little family from his noble steps and into the halls of a certain hotel where they have taken up residence until a higher authority might be able to hear their tale.

It was also rumored that the mistress of Viscount of F has moved out of his grasp as she deemed it unwise to associate with a man who possesses untrustworthy…eyes.

Stay tuned to see if the current fiancée of this poor-sighted creature is also saved from his company.         –The Scarlet Plumiere

If he unmasks her, she’s as good as dead…

Blood for Ink, Book 1 of the Scarlet Plumiere series

As the mysterious writer who exposes gentlemen’s secrets, it is not the first time The Scarlet Plumiere has been hunted. But this time it’s different. This time, she interferes with one of the Four Kings, and the brotherhood will not rest until they marry her off and place her securely under a man’s thumb. Only they have to catch her first.

The Earl of Northwick is falling for this writer, sight unseen. Will she be pretty? Will she have all her teeth? In his rush to claim her for himself, regardless of who she might ultimately be, he places her in grave danger—her desperate enemies are watching closely for the moment her mask is removed.

Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0083UCPNO

This is a five book series that continues with Bones for Bread, Body and Soul, Breathe of Laughter (Nov. 2018) and Beat of my Heart (December 2018).

L.L. Muir lives in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains and writes fiction between bowls of cereal.

Before writing full-time, she owned a flower shop called The Scottish Rose. She’d often answer the phone sounding like Mrs. Doubtfire…until a gentleman customer asked to speak with the Scottish woman who owned the place. A little embarrassing, that.

You can sign up for her new release alerts on her website at http://www.llmuir.weebly.com. Follow her on Bookbub, Amazon, or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Fictionbyllmuir

Groundbreaking Ceremonies Take Place for New Religious Compound Outside Reno, Nevada

From the Reno Gazette-Journal

Easter Sunday-1865

While Easter Sunday services were held today in nearby Virginia City, residents of the growing town of Reno were curiously invited to the groundbreaking of  Christ’s Community Compound, an endeavor spearheaded by two of Lake’s Crossing’s original founding members, Rufus and Katherine Monroe. The couple, along with their daughter Elizabeth and her husband, Reverend Lionel Bane, braved the freezing temperatures and blistering wind to pray at the site of the place the Banes will eventually call home.

The plans submitted to Reno’s newly formed advisory board provide for a large chapel, dormitories for single men and women as well as married couples, a stately home for the Banes, stables, a large meeting hall with an adjacent kitchen, and a workshop. Reverend Bane shared his thanks with those in attendance, saying, “The Lord’s work will continue here in this new state of Nevada, and God will bless us all.”

Funding for the project seems to be a subject of mystery. All financial records submitted are in the name of the Monroes, but some townfolk believe that Reverend Bane and his brothers, William and Nathaniel, came to Lake’s Crossing four years ago with dubious intentions and there are rumors that they have obtained a strange hold over the Monroes and others in their employ. Since their arrival, tales of extortion, coercion, and ill-gotten gains have followed their every move, especially after their youngest brother, Jonah Bane, disappeared with Monroe’s daughter Julianna, and their youngest daughter Victoria died in a tragic fall from the Inn at Lake’s Crossing.

The Journal staff have attempted to interview those close to the Monroes to no avail. The size and scale of this compound have neighbors worried. One businessperson in town went so far as to claim the Banes were in league with some sort of demonic entity, but there has been no evidence to back up her accusations. The Journal went so far as to send one of its junior reporters to the Inn at Lake’s Crossing, and that reporter, Nigel Glasgow, has not been seen since. The Journal will keep the community apprised of any developments.

About The Book…

The Banes of Lake’s Crossing: Origins

The Biggest Little City in the World was founded on a lie. History tells us that the city called Reno, Nevada, was founded as a gambling haven for silver miners and later the divorce capital. But it goes deeper than that. It goes as deep as the lines from which the silver came. In 1860, four brothers tunneled beneath the surface, looking to find the next Comstock Lode. They left their families behind in search of the valuable metals being brought forth from the Earth in order to do the Lord’s work.

Legend has it that the four men who went down into the Earth as good, solid Christian men returned as something more sinister, their good intentions abandoned. They became possessed by a force more evil than could be imagined, and their hold on the residents of what was known then as Lake’s Crossing allowed them to gain unfathomable powers.

“Each installment of this compilation will tantalize and terrify you. An absolute must read!”

Kerrigan Byrne
International bestselling author of the Victorian Rebels Series


The Fourth Man by R.L. Merrill

Lake’s Crossing was a fairly new settlement in 1862, but Julianna Monroe had already seen the worst of humanity cross their bridge seeking shelter. One blustery fall night, four well-dressed men enter her family’s inn, and she immediately senses their otherness. Despite her concerns for self-preservation, she is drawn to the fourth man. Quiet, brooding, and different from his elder brothers, Julianna is intrigued by Jonah and soon realizes it is time to choose a husband before the choice is made for her.  But when the elder Bane brothers threaten her safety, will Jonah be strong enough to stand up to them and protect her? Or will she become yet another victim of the Banes’ evil influence?

Hell’s Belles by Ellay Branton

When her most loyal client and friend falls under the mysterious control of the Bane brothers, Arabella Kimpton knows she has to do something to save him. Convincing Zach Upton that his little brother is in big trouble won’t be easy. The sexy rancher knows all about her business as an owner of Hell’s Belles Saloon – and that she spends a lot of time alone with his brother. Arabella will have to risk everything to gain Zach’s trust and save Jerry.  But the gamble might leave her with a broken heart…if she survives the wrath of the sinister Bane brothers.

The Silver Brooch by Kimberlie L. Faye

Miss Penelope Webb is ready to start fresh.  A midwife with a gift and a pure soul, she’s hired by Lionel Bane for the birth of his second child. She’s determined to start anew in Lake’s Crossing and leave her past behind her. Little does she know the Bane brothers rule the town and folks are not quite themselves. Penny has caught the ire of William, the large and imposing younger brother. He oozes menace and disdain and darkness is embedded in his soul. Despite his danger, she’s inexplicably drawn to him.

Should she risk her heart and her secrets for a chance at love with a man who has a damned soul?

The Banes Of Lake’s Crossing – Origins is the first of a trilogy set in this world. A follow-up short story featuring Nathaniel Bane was released in March 2018. Look for part two in October 2018.

The Banes of Lake’s Crossing: Origins: https://goo.gl/2ezZck

The Redemption of Nathaniel Bane: https://goo.gl/vh9kRK

For more information, you can find us at the following sites:

R.L. Merrill: www.rlmerrillauthor.com

Ellay Branton: https://www.ellaybranton.com/books

Kimberlie L. Faye: https://www.kimberlielfaye.com/

Writers Needed; The Newsroom Quakes

The Tattler newsroom is in an uproar. Lady Caroline Warfield swept into the premises summoned—summoned!—by Sam Clemens. She slammed his door so hard the wall vibrated and now the staff: printers, correspondents, ink boys, paper sellers, and all held their breath. Did she know she would find that Mrs. Knight had already arrived? Of course she must know. The Bluestocking Belles communicate constantly.

Milly, the maid of all work, stood with her ear to the door. “She told him the Belles ‘have their hands full,’ and she said its his fault for printing all those letters attacking theirTeatime Tattler book, Follow Your Star Home.” Milly grinned over her shoulder. “Sam said, ‘Spelled yer names right din’t they?'”

The staff smirked in unison. Trust Sam. He taught them all publicity is good as long as they spell your name right. That tight-rumped clergy fellow Blowworthey set off a firestorm, but he brought the readers in didn’t he?

Milly leaned down again, “The Knight woman says the Belles have been so busy undoing the damage they didn’t get their usual story in today, and it serves us right.”

“Serves us right?” Ian Pennywhistle, a junior correspondent, demanded. He scribbled down the words. He’d been documenting the whole incident.

“She says we ought to recruit more Wednesday guest author stories and not leave it to them to do.” Pennywhistle wrote that down. Milly shrugged and leaned over to listen and was almost knocked over when the door swung open and the two women left.

“The ladies swanned out leaving Clemens in a fine rage…” Pennywhistle said, putting pen to paper. “I always wanted to write a sentence with ‘swanned,'” he said with self-satisfied glee.

Clemens glared at the young man. “We don’t get 1000 views and more a month because people like your vocabulary. They read to sop up the gossip behind authors’ books, the good stuff, not your drivel. We need more. The schedule is almost empty aside from two weeks in November. January’s even emptier. Bring me some writers.”

The newsroom emptied in a flash.

Read the high-performing articles below to find out what Sam loves to see in the Teatime Tattler, or sign up to write your own, and to advertise your book (new or one from your backlist).

The Mistress and The Wife — by Laura Libricz

A Guillotine Widow Takes Tea on the Isle of Guernsey — by Regan Walker

Lady Farrow Determined to See Her Daughter Wed — by Nadine Millard

The Mistress and the WifeThe Soldier’s Return, by Laura Libritz

A base-born son, a hasty marriageThe Bastard’s Iberian Bride, by Alina K. Field

Mrs Bingham tries againThe Rake and His Honour, by Beth Elliott

Be Careful What You Ask a Hero — Only a Hero Will Do, by Alanna Lucas

Duke in Disguise — To Dodge a Duke, by Naomi Bloom

Overheard at the Courtesan’s Ball — The Pleasure House Ball, by Suzi Love


Do Not Censor Our Reading Beg the Ladies

censorMy Dear Mr. Clemens,

I am a frequent reader of your publication, and you may imagine my horrified astonishment when I came upon the recently published letter to the editor (your esteemed self) from one Claudius Blowworthey—though one begs to question just how right, honorable, or reverend the wretch actually is–suggesting we censor a certain forthcoming book.

As a well-loved wife, modestly well-educated mother of three young women, and a Christian, I protest this horrid man’s dismissal of novels, of romance, and indeed of love itself. How does he dare dismiss my sex so carelessly? Has he not a mother? As to his poor wife, he dares to tell the world he does not love her. What pathetic creature would choose “esteem” over love?

He dares quote Saint Paul on the subject of marriage being preferable to burning. Did the apostle not also admonish husbands to love their wives as God loves the Church? How does he expect those wives to acquire husbands if not love? And is not love the very nature of the Deity?

Those ladies—if not ladies call them heroes—among the Bluestocking Belles provide us with hours of joy. Never say you will suffer them to be censored, Mr. Clemens.  I have spoken about this matter with Mrs. Cornelia Lumberton and Mrs. Annalisa Waldo, my bosom bows and fellow regulars at the Chapel of the Faithful, and they quite agree. This Blowworthey horror must not be allowed to prevail, sir.

Never say you will encourage this outrage or give further space in your fine publication to such nonsense. We await your response even as we anticipate the next boxed set of stories from our beloved Belles,


Mrs. Maud Goodbody

For more about the box set, keep an eye on the Belles’ website. We’ll be putting the details of the book up on the Joint Projects part of the site as soon as we reveal the name and cover. Or come to our cover release party, on Facebook on the 8th September 2pm to 9pm Eastern Daylight Time.




Beware The Slippery Slope, Trumpets Moral Campaigner

To Mr. Samuel Clemens, Editor and Proprietor, The Teatime Tattler


I write with a heavy heart. Never, in my many years as shepherd of a flock of God’s people here in our fair city, have I seen such depths of iniquity in respectable females. Or, I should say, in females one would have considered respectable were it not their intention to lead so many other members of the fairer sex down the road to perdition.

I write, Sir, as you must know, of the forthcoming book by those who style themselves the Bluestocking Belles. These women, for I scorn to call them ladies, are known for writing novels. I kid you not, Sir. Novels. Frivolities of fiction that distract women from their rightful duties and cause them to yearn after a life that God Himself has seen fit to deny them.

Worse than this, they write about love. Not marriage, Sir, which might be excused, since St Paul wrote it is better to marry than to burn, but marrying for love! It has seldom been my duty to disclaim a more ridiculous notion. Such stories are dangerous to weak minds and sensitive constitutions. No woman should be permitted this dangerous indulgence.

As if this were not enough, I understand that the coming volume includes elements of necromancy or some other foul infernal art. A magical device links the stories.

Mr Clemens, I beg of you, Sir, for the sake of London. Nay, for the sake of all happily married men anywhere in the world, join the campaign to squelch this Horrid Collection. Why should fine upstanding members of our sex lose domestic comfort merely because their wives read such nonsense and become restless? Love? I laugh at the notion, Sir. I have never given my wife to believe that I love her, except as an esteemed companion and helpmate, and I never will.

Of course, neither do I permit her to read novels. A good volume of sermons is excellent reading for any woman. I myself have published several such, and my wife admires them greatly.

But I digress. I am confident of your support, my dear Sir.

I remain, your most sincere servant,

The Right Honorable the Reverend Claudius Blowworthey.

Editor’s note: The Teatime Tattler prints this letter in the spirit of fair play. We would not have it said that we suppressed the opinions, whoever misguided, that a person is free to express. We encourage those who disagree with the correspondent to write their own letters.

For more about the box set, keep an eye on the Belles’ website. We’ll be putting the details of the book up on the Joint Projects part of the site as soon as we reveal the name and cover. Or come to our cover release party, on Facebook on the 8th September 2pm to 9pm Eastern Daylight Time.

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