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An evening at a ball never lacks for good gossip, but the events at Lady P’s ball this past week surprised even this writer. The Bon Ton has been aflutter these last weeks about a certain Miss B, whose beauty is only superseded by her mysterious arrival in Society. And when that certain young miss chose the Awkward Earl (whom many have taken to calling Lord H. for his inability to carry even the simplest conversations) for her first dance of the evening, many an eyebrow raised.

While her taste in dance partners is certainly in question, I can quite attest to how shocking the next events were. At the end of the quadrille, Lord H. abandoned Miss B. on the dance floor in a cut direct! But instead of returning to her chaperone as any respectable young miss should, Miss B. chased after him onto the shadowed balcony. A reliable source confirmed to me that they did not return to the ballroom for quite some time, and while they returned separately, my source says Miss B. looked quite flushed for a chilly spring night. One can only imagine what the pair were doing on a dark balcony hidden away from her chaperone.

Miss B. must be aware that her actions have tarnished her reputation and her association with the Awkward Earl will certainly leave her marriage prospects far thinner than they had been prior to the ball. This should serve to remind us all to take care when selecting the people one associates with. Especially if you are on the marriage mart.

About the Tempting the Reclusive Earl:  Destiny brought her. He’ll fight to keep her.

Christian Albury, the Earl of Huntington, prefers his inventions to people. When he discovers that someone is stealing from him, he is forced to leave the comfort of his workshop to investigate the matter. Being highly intelligent has its advantages, but not in the shark-infested waters of a London Season where his social awkwardness makes him an outcast. When he meets a beautiful woman who claims that one of his inventions brought her from the future, Christian does what any self-respecting recluse would—he ignores her request for help and avoids her. A decision he fears left a bad impression on her.

Bellamy Bennett just became the new face for a famous perfume company’s ad campaigns. Even though modeling isn’t as fulfilling as it once was, she’s hoping the work will provide the means for the next chapter of her life. But when her sister goes missing, Bellamy rushes to find her, only to end up two hundred years in the past—and in the arms of a handsome but exasperating Earl. He may be the only person who can help her get home. He’s also avoiding her. But Bellamy is persistent and the more time she spends with Christian, the deeper her feelings grow for the brilliant but shy man.

When Christian’s time travel clock is stolen, he discovers a depth to the theft that threatens his entire estate and could keep Bellamy in the nineteenth century forever. And when an old enemy resurfaces to threaten all he holds dear, Christian will discover how much Bellamy means to him and just how far he will go to protect her.

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Excerpt: What happens on the balcony stays on the balcony?

Christian took hold of her upper arm and steered her into the shadows. “Bellamy, why are you out here? Your reputation could be ruined.” He crossed his arms over that wide chest and glared down at her.

She lifted her chin. “I’m helping you find Dale.”

“I don’t need help.”

She waved at where Waler had been. “He planned to share the information with you?”

He pressed his lips into a thin line.

“I heard the terrible things he said to you,” she added softly.

Christian looked away.

She laid her hand on his arm. “I don’t understand their cruelty.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It does if it hurts you.” She cupped his cheek and made him look at her.

He sucked in a sharp breath at her touch. Whatever else she meant to say disappeared beneath his intense gaze.

The air changed between them. Grew charged in a way she couldn’t describe. Every sensation magnified. The coolness of his cheek from being out in the chilly air, beneath her gloved hand. The solid muscle she felt beneath her palm when she laid her other hand on his chest. She heard him swallow and watched his sensuous lips part.

Heat curled in her belly and her nipples pebbled. She inched closer.

Christian move his hands to cup her waist. The warmth of his palms seared through her thin gown, warming her even more. His gaze dropped to her lips.

She pressed closer until their chests brushed.

“Bellamy.” Her name was a soft sigh on his lips. It washed over her like a caress.

She wanted to kiss him, she realized. He was frustrating and shy, and at times achingly vulnerable, and she wanted to kiss him more than anyone she’d ever been with.

“Christian,” she whispered as she slid her hands up to wrap behind his neck.

He startled at her touch, and she saw the desire-filled haze begin to clear from his eyes.

No. She wasn’t letting this moment pass. She threaded her fingers into his hair, angled his head down, and kissed him.


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