Dear Readers,

Forgive the tardiness of this Teatime Tattler issue. Just before going to press, we received the letter, copied below. I suspect the intended recipient was my relative, the author known as Mark Twain. However, the mails in the American west, are–as the letter indicated–less than reliable, and the letter has come to me. I thought our readership might find of interest the difficulties suffered by those who live in Wyoming Territory and no doubt elsewhere in the former colonies.

Dear Mr. Clemens.

I have done my best to get this letter out to you in a timely manner, but road agents attack every stage coach leaving the town where I live in Wyoming. However, crimes of much greater note are being commited. I’ve made pleas to the Army and Government representatives regarding the dangerous relations with the Lakota Indians (One of these fearsome natives is pictured below). At the most I have received polite notes assuring me that the Army will protect all of the settlers in the territory.

This is highly unlikely. Wyoming is a huge territory, the Army is stretched to the breaking point and now, I disover on very good authority that guns and ammunition are being run to the Lakota. The scoundrels behind this heinous action include the daughter of a formerly respected rancher. This man was convicted of murder several years ago. I have no doubt that the daughter is made in the same criminal mold as the father. Assisting her in this criminal activity is a man who was once a Pinkerton Agent. Pinkerton no longer associates with him, and he has taken up work, ostensibly, as a bounty hunter. Everyone knows that bounty hunters do so simply because they like killing and can get away with it legally if the person killed has a price on his or her head.

I beg of you, use whatever influence you, and your friends and relatives in Missouri can muster to alert our national government in Washington D.C. to stop this gun running business and regain peace with the Lakota at all costs. Every sensible person in Wyoming lives in fear of his or her life. The road agents and bounty hunters are bad enough. But Indians armed with rifles and bullets will be the death of us all.

Desperately yours,

A Lady of the American West

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