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Dear Readers,

The Tattler is delighted to inform you that we have discovered a treasure trove of documents dating from the year 1282. Today we offer the first in a series of letters to an anonymous friend, which are the correspondence of a highly educated commoner (no common thing in that era). Mr. Arthur Pwyll was the assistant to James St. George, Master Builder for Edward I of England. St. George is famous for building many of the castles that ring Wales and were used by Edward I to defeat the Welsh armies and bring Wales into the protective fold of British rule.

My dear friend,

Yesterday I arrived at Two Hills Keep in southeastern Wales. You will recall that my purpose here is to rebuild and improve the Keep which sustained significant damage from the Welsh who wished to leave no useful items and buildings for our brave Kind Edward. Edward wants nothing but to share England’s protection with Wales. Sadly the Welsh do not see the benefit of bending the knee to England. But I digress.

Upon my arrival at Two Hills Keep, which is in a dire state, I was greated by an angel. Well not really an angel, but a woman who harbors an angelic soul. Lady Genvieve De Sessions is the chatelaine of Two Hills Keep and the wife of Edward’s legendary knight, Sir Haven De Sessions. Sir Haven was seriously wounded in a skirmish with the Welsh. I do not call this a pitched battle, for you and I both know that had such been the case the Welsh would have won no matter how tru and perfect a knight De Sessions may be.

Lady Genvieve greeted me in person and treated me with great courtesy and kindness. She saw me fed, housed me in the guest quarters of the castle, and assigned me a servant to see to all my needs while I am at Two Hills Keep. She did not need to do so. You know I’ve spent many a night in barns and stables, and eaten food fit for swine because most titled owners of castles or keeps regard builders as mere servants. Being uneducated themselves, they have no appreciation of the long years of study and practice necessary to gain the skill of a master builder. King Edward himself, has told me I am very close to Master St. George in the skills of designing and building castles. Hence the reason he sent me to Two Hills Keep when Master St. George was otherwise occupied.

I am very intrigued by the relationship between Lady Genvieve (who is  Welsh by birth) and Sir De Sessions who appears to disdain all things Welsh excpet his wife. Any man would want Lady Genvieve. Her form is the epitome of beauty. Her hair a wild tumble of curls that cascade like sabled fire over the fine, pale column of her neck—a neck that swans would envy. She has eyes that blaze green lightning at the hint of cruelty or injustice. Aphrodite would be jeaolous of Lady Genvieve’s bone structhre, and God created this lady with generous bow-shaped lips. Her entire physical person reflects the kindness and generosity of her soul.

As you can tell I am half in love with the lady. However, to act on any tender feelings for her would be to seal my death. Sir Haven, though he seems blind to his own emotions, is vastly protective of Lady Genie as he calls her. Noblemen and women are incredibly stupid, for it seems they do not know how to recognize love. I am grateful to be a commoner who need not hide from my own feelings.

There is much more to tell about Two Hills Keep and its lord and lady, but the messenger who will carry this missive is about to leave for England. May God bless you and keep you in the palm of his hand until we meet again,

With great affection

Arthur Pwyll

Readers, watch this column for more letters from Mr. Pwyll in the coming months. We will of course bring you the latest current news as it happens.

Blurb: Baron Haven De Sessions knows a hundred reasons to despise the widow Dreyford.  The widow is entirely too independent and a suspected traitor.  Worst of all, she had been married to his best friend—a man Haven arrested for plotting against the king.  Haven believes the treacherous widow should have given up her head, not his childhood friend.  Now an oath to that same friend forces him to protect a woman he does not want and cannot trust.

Genvieve Dreyford has her own reasons to detest De Sessions.  The man is far too handsome, and his reputation as Edward I’s most ‘true and perfect’ knight has swelled the baron’s head.  Worst of all, Gennie believes he betrayed his friendship with her husband to curry favor with the English king.  Now, because of Haven De Sessions, Gennie has lost her home, her title and nearly everything she held dear.  Only for the sake of her family, will Gennie place herself in the power of a man she fears and mistrusts.

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