Ask Aunt Augusta

Dear Aunt Augusta,

I feel strange writing this letter. I mean, I’m a doctor so I know what it means when my pulse races and certain parts of my anatomy, er, uh, “respond” when in the presence of a certain young woman. And I know that, because I’ve chosen to be a doctor, all hope is lost.

I’m in love with the most beautiful debutante of this London Season. And, well, from the rosy blush on her cheeks whenever I see her, I know she really fancies me as well. But the young woman in question is meant to marry a peer, an earl at the very least.

Oh Aunt Augusta! I’m a second son. My brother is the earl. See? It’s hopeless.

Still, I cannot get her out of my mind. How terrible would it be if we—maybe only once, I swear—shared just a kiss?


Nicholas the hero of The Pleasure Device (Harwell Heirs Book 1) by Regina Kammer


My dear Nicholas,

It seems at times that love can be quite hopeless, that is true, but never fear. Love that is true and outlast any trial, let me assure you! I have lived through it myself.

But we are not hear for me to talk about my own heart, but rather yours and the lady who has stolen yours. You cannot fault her family for wishing her to marry well, but as you say that she seems to fancy you as well, perhaps you should go and seek her out. Find out if you truly do both care for one another. And let come what may. Perhaps a kiss would not be amiss.

Never give up hope. As a doctor, you have saved lives. Perhaps it is time for you to allow someone to save your heart.

I wish you the very best,

Aunt Augusta

The Pleasure Device (Harwell Heirs Book 1) by Regina Kammer

Can Dr. Nicholas Ramsay save his beloved Helena from being subjected to Dr. Christopher’s new electro-mechanical treatment for hysteria? ebook/dp/B01BMMRIRW/



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