The Long Trails Series

☆•* *•☆  A Long Trail Rolling: The Long Trails  (Book One)  ☆•* *•☆

Author Lizzi Tremayne brings you the first installment in The Long Trails series, A Long Trail Rolling.

She didn’t expect to become a target…but she is one now…

In the Old West’s Utah Territory of 1860, Aleksandra is trained by her father in the Cossack arts. She finds herself alone, disguised as a Pony Express rider, running to keep her pa’s killer from finding their family’s secret… and that was before she galloped full speed into the middle of the Paiute Indian War.

Xavier isn’t about to let anyone get too close, especially a woman, while he bides his time as a Pony Express Station Manager in the middle of a desert, evading his heritage as the eldest son of an old Spanish Californio family. His history taught him women are not to be trusted. Letting this slip of a stroppy, yet alluring, girl get under his skin is not on the cards.

The villain is coming closer, with his sights set on Aleksandra. Thrown together in an ever-worsening situation, despite their own agendas, can Aleksandra and Xavier overcome their differences before the ever-increasing odds overtake them?

Don’t miss out on Lizzi Tremayne’s other stories, The Long Trails series: The Hills of Gold Unchanging (Book Two), A Sea of Green Unfolding (Book Three) and coming soon: Tatiana (Book Four) and Once Upon a Vet School series: Once Upon a Vet School #7: Lena Takes a Foal!

A Long Trail Rolling is available in eBook and paperback.

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Lizzi Tremayne Sampler:
A First Chapter Collection of
The Long Trails Series ~ a free eBook

Author Lizzi Tremayne brings you this first chapter sample collection of her historical fiction series: The Long Trails.

You can start reading her debut novel, A Long Trail Rolling, to begin the series. Follow Aleksandra and Xavier as they cross countries and seas from the wilds of 1860’s Utah to the farthest reaches of Colonial New Zealand as you continue on with The Long Trails series.  Bring along some pemmican, you’ll be sure to need it!

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☆•* *•☆  The Hills of Gold Unchanging: The Long Trails  (Book Two) ☆•* *•☆

No one will stand in their way—and live…

As the Civil War rages, secessionists menace California.

Aleksandra and Xavier are trying to get back home—through the oncoming Civil War, the mining camps of 1860’s Nevada and California, and the Sacramento floods—to Xavier’s Californio Rancho de las Pulgas.

Embroiled in the Confederate’s fight to drag the new state from the Union and make it their own, can Aleks and Xavier survive?

The Hills of Gold Unchanging is available in eBook and standard and large print paperback.

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☆•* *•☆  A Sea of Green Unfolding: The Long Trails  (Book Three)  ☆•* *•☆

When you’ve lost everything, the only way to go is up—isn’t it?

Tragedy strikes in Aleksandra and Xavier’s newly-found paradise on their Californio Rancho de las Pulgas and newspaperman Gustavus von Tempsky invites them on a journey to a new life in New Zealand—where everyone lives together in peace.

Unfortunately, change is in the wind.

When they reach Aotearoa, they disembark into a turbulent wilderness—where the wars between the European settlers and the local Māori have only just begun—and von Tempsky is leading the colonial troops into the bush.

A Sea of Green Unfolding is available in eBook and paperback.

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The Once Upon a Vet School Series

☆•* *•☆  Once Upon a Vet School #7, Lena Takes a Foal:  Once Upon a Vet School (Book Seven)  ☆•* *•☆

She needs help… he needs to stay away…

Lena Scott has a problem—one that might prevent her from graduating from veterinary school.

After a messy divorce, Kit Allen returns to his first loves—horses and his old veterinary school alma mater. He excels at imparting his knowledge to students and is determined to earn a tenure track position. Becoming involved with anything but a pager—ever—isn’t in the cards. Especially a talented and beautiful student in need of his assistance.

When Lena’s horse rears over backwards and lands on her, it has to be the dashing resident, Kit, who finds her. Luckily for her, she’s sworn off relationships after her last romantic disaster. She has more important things to worry about than sea-green eyes and rugged good looks.

Besides, if there’s one thing a veterinary school faculty frowns upon, it’s a relationship between a resident and a student…

like oil and water, they just don’t mix.

Once Upon a Vet School #7 is available in eBook and paperback.

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(Once Upon a Vet School #7: Lena Takes a Foal was one of nine novellas in the Authors of Main Street box set collection: Christmas Babies on Main Street. This novella is now being released for individual sale.)